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Muchea recorded a to­tal yard­ing of 18,934 head this week, a rise of about 4000 head on the pre­vi­ous sale.

Strong de­mand for store lines con­tin­ued, par­tic­u­larly on fe­male lines. In­ter­state com­pe­ti­tion from feed­ers was not present on cross­bred lambs this week, with these types record­ing prices down by $2 to $5/head.

Heavy lamb prices were back by $10/head, with vir­tu­ally no de­mand from pro­ces­sors. Trade and air­freight lamb prices eased $5/head, with di­rect-to-works sales re­port­edly fill­ing the trade’s needs.

Cross­bred lambs sold to feed­ers for $40 to $85/head, down $2/head. Air freight lambs (15-17kg) sold to trade for $70 to $85/head, com­pris­ing the bulk of the lamb of­fer­ing.

Trade lamb prices eased $5/head, with these types sell­ing for $95 to $133/head.

Heavy lambs sold for $115 to $120/head, with prices eas­ing $10/ head.

Hogget prices eased by $3/head to sell for $88 to $99/head.

Ram lambs sold for $40 to $58/ head and to the trade for $53 to $76/ head, with prices firm on the qual­ity pre­sented.

Light­weight store Merino prices held firm, as gra­ziers with grass to spare com­peted strongly for num­bers.

Very light ewe lambs sold for $32 to $67/head, while medium weights sold to the trade for $71 to $105/head.

The wether por­tion re­mained firm on prices as a re­sult of min­i­mal live ex­port de­mand, with light- weights sell­ing to feed­ers for $37 to $75/head. Medium weights sold for $90 to $117/head.

The mut­ton mar­ket eased by $2 to $4/head, but strong re­stocker de­mand con­tained the fall.

Light ewes sold to feed­ers for $40 to $59/head and medium-weight score two ewes sold for $70 to $105/ head, with those with a 75mm fleece achiev­ing the top price.

Heavy ewes sold for $80 to $105/ head, pur­chased by pro­ces­sors, while gra­ziers paid $85 to $116/ head for bet­ter, younger wellfin­ished ewes.

The wethers were firm with ex­porters pay­ing $95 to $109/head, with those with a 50mm fleece mak­ing the top price.

Rams suit­able for live ex­port sold for $60 to $75/head, with prices firm on last week, while pro­ces­sors paid $51 to $60/head.

Sheep and lamb high­lights

CJ Stokes & Son, Mt Erin: 47 cross­bred lambs (top $115.50).

K & P Hae­suler, Wan­na­mal: 47 Suf­folk-cross suck­ers (top $124.50).

Vince Cac­camo, Bulls­brook: 21 cross­bred lambs (top $120); and 27 cross­bred wethers (top $117).

IJ & AR Mcrae, North­ern Gully: Four SAMM wether lambs (top $109).

D & M Hood & Sons, Bal­lidu: 90 Merino ewe mut­ton (top $95).

Ag­nire Farm­ing Co, Yuna: 83 Merino ewe mut­ton (top $95).

Cran­more Farm­ing, Noora: 58 Merino ewe mut­ton (top $93).

D & M Hood & Sons, Bal­lidu: 65 Merino ewe hoggets (top $105).

Terossa Farm, Merredin: 44 SAMM wethers (top $117).


Muchea recorded a qual­ity yard­ing of about 2100 cat­tle this week, most of which were pas­toral cat­tle.

Val­ues across most store pas­toral light­weight year­ling types lifted by 20c to 30c/kg, as gra­ziers eval­u­ated bet­ter feed stocks and en­deav­oured to re­plen­ish herds.

The lo­cal year­ling con­tent im­proved con­sid­er­ably in qual­ity and val­ues were gen­er­ally 20c to 60c/kg bet­ter on these types. Lo­cally grown steer prices rose 5c/kg.

Grown pas­toral heifer prices were 10c/kg dearer on a bet­ter se­lec­tion.

Cow prices were firm to 50c/kg dearer, while light and medi­umweight bull prices rose 30c/kg and prime heav­ies by 8c/kg.

Lo­cal year­ling steers sold to the trade for 300c to 338c/kg, up 20c/ kg, while feed­ers paid 270c to 388c/ kg, up 60c/kg.

The bet­ter pas­toral year­ling steers were bought mainly by feed­ers for 178c to 290c/kg, up 20c/kg.

Lo­cal year­ling heifers sold to the trade for 286c to 330c/kg for the bet­ter heav­ies, up 50c/kg, and feed­ers pur­chased lighter weights at 260c to 288c/kg, a rise of 20c/kg.

Very plain lightweights sold for 70c to 130c/kg, with prices re­main­ing firm. Those in the 280-330kg cat­e­gory sold for 142c to 198c/kg, up 30c/kg, and heav­ier types for 154c to 198c/kg.

Lo­cally grown steers over 500kg sold for 222c to 275c/kg and the best pas­toral types in this weight cat­e­gory sold for 210c to 238c/kg.

Lo­cally grown heifers over 500kg sold for 216c to 248c/kg, while a sup­ply of mainly light­weight older pas­toral heifers sold for 190c to 194c/kg.

The cow mar­ket im­proved on lightweights to feed at mainly 148c to 162c/kg, up 50c/kg, again on in­creased de­mand.

Medium weight score twos sold to pro­ces­sors for 170c to 182c/kg, while prices for heavy­weights rose 10c/kg to sell for 184c to 218c/kg.

Light­weight bulls sold for 180c to 340c/kg, up 30c/kg, medium weights for 180c to 246c/kg and heavy­weights for 172c to 198c/kg.

Veal high­lights

WG & MJ Fletcher, Moo­li­abee­nie: three Mur­ray Grey bull calves (top $630).

Moore River Beef Pty Ltd, via Moony­oonooka: six Shorthorn bull calves (top $460).

Mel­rose En­ter­prises, via Moony­oonooka: three Shorthorn-cross heifer calves (top $235).

Cat­tle high­lights

JI Money & Co, North Dan­dalup: 10 An­gus steers (546kg, 270c/kg, $1474); and 10 Mur­ray Grey steers (505kg, 275c/kg, $1389).

Coolawanyah Pas­toral Co, Tom Price: four Santa Gertrudis steers (537kg, 230c/kg, $1235); six Santa Gertrudis steers (480kg, 246c/kg, $1181); and eight Santa Gertrudis cows (520kg, 218c/kg, $1134).

Mt Clere Sta­tion, Gas­coyne: eight Drought­mas­ter steers (496kg, 232c/kg, $1151).

Gin­gin Pas­toral Co, Gin­gin: 11 An­gus heifers (563kg, 248c/kg, $1396).

Lins­mau Stud, Bulls­brook: 12 Limousin-cross steer veal­ers (312kg, 338c/kg, $1055).

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