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Num­bers yarded were down by 6000, with 13,000 head penned, and 80 per cent was mut­ton.

Gra­zier de­mand eased as har­vest­ing takes pri­or­ity and falls of $5 to $10/head were ev­i­dent on light young Merino ewe lambs and also best prime heavy Merino ewes.

Trade lambs eased $3/head on a very light pen­ning with all other types fully firm week on week.

The cross­bred lambs to feed­ers sold from $40 to $88/head to be firm.

Air freight lambs 15-17kg to the trade made up the bulk of the lamb s and were firm at $65 to $86/head.

Trade lambs also eased $3/head, at $95 to $110/head. Heavy lambs sold from $115 to $130/head, also firm.

Hoggets sold at $85 to $98/head, firm. Ram lambs sold from $56 to $80/ head to the trade.

Light­weight store Merino lambs suf­fered slightly from re­duced com­pe­ti­tion. The very light ewe lambs sold from $20 to $63/head, down $5 to $10/head, medium weights made from $72 to $100/head to the trade and re­mained firm.

The wether por­tion re­mained firm on min­i­mal live ex­port de­mand with lightweights to feed­ers sell­ing from $49 to $79/head. Medium weights sold at $95 to $110/head.

The mut­ton mar­ket eased by up to $10/head on light ewes sold to feed­ers at $32 to $56/head. Medium weight score two sold at $65 to $91/head, tops with a 75mm fleece.

Heavy ewes sold from $82 to $90/ head to pro­ces­sors, down $5/head, and gra­ziers paid $81 to $113/head for bet­ter, younger well-fin­ished ewes.


Qual­ity eased in a yard­ing of 1923 cat­tle, down 100 head week on week.

The pen­ning was again of mainly pas­toral cat­tle, pre­dom­i­nantly from the Gold­fields and Murchi­son.

The yard­ing was com­prised mainly of year­ling bulls and year­ling heifers.

Val­ues across most store pas­toral light­weight year­ling types re­mained firm, but trade and man­u­fac­tur­ing de­mand on lo­cal cat­tle eased.

Lo­cal year­ling steers to the trade sold from 250c to 310c/kg to be firm.

Feed­ers paid from 250c to 334c/kg, down 30c/kg on qual­ity.

The bet­ter pas­toral year­ling steers were pur­chased mainly by feed­ers from 178c to 290c/kg, up 20c/kg.

Lo­cal year­ling heifers sold to the trade from 202c to 282c/kg, firm for bet­ter heavy­weights and feed­ers pur­chased lighter weights be­tween 263c and 286c/kg. Very plain lightweights sold firm from 66c to 180c/kg.

The 280-330kg weights sold firm be­tween 96c and 192c/kg, with heavy­weights firm from 150c to 220c/kg.

Lo­cal grown steers over 500kg sold from 200c to 264c/kg, down 30c/kg.

The best pas­toral types made be­tween 210c and 258c/kg. Grown heifers over 500kg were all lo­cal and made 158c to 238c/kg, down 20c/kg.

The cow mar­ket eased due to lower de­mand. Light­weight cows to feed made be­tween 70c and 152c/kg, down 10c/kg.

Medium weight score two cows to pro­ces­sors made be­tween 138c and 170c/kg, down 10c/kg.

Light­weight bulls to live ex­port sold from 160c to 290c/kg, down 20c/kg on a poorer se­lec­tion.

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