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The yard­ing of 17,000 head was 4000 head down on last week and lamb qual­ity eased dra­mat­i­cally.

This forced stronger com­pe­ti­tion for prime stock and in­creased prices on trade lambs by $4/head.

Gen­er­ally, the rest of the yard­ing was firm, apart from light store Merino ewes and wethers, which eased $5/head with not as many gra­ziers present and the best heavy wethers to live ex­port in­creased $5/head.

Light cross­bred lambs to feed­ers sold from $39 to $80/head, heavy­weights from $80 to $136/head and air­freight lambs made $70 to $107/ head, all hold­ing firm.

Very light store Merino ewe lambs to feed­ers made $40 to $75/ head and medium weights made $76 to $113, down $5/head.

Very light store Merino wether lambs to feed­ers made $20 to $58/ head, down $5/head. Medium weights sold from $65 to $119/head, down $5/head, and heav­ier weights made $125 to $138/head to be firm.

Trade lambs made $120 to $149/ head, up $4/head, to av­er­age 630c/ kg.

Ram lambs to feed­ers sold from $65 to $82/head and to the trade at $96/head. Heavy lambs made $146 to $155/head to hold firm.

Heavy­weights made $116 to $127/ head to re­main firm.

Hoggets re­mained firm at $90 to $108/head.

In the yard­ing of mut­ton, light ewes to feed­ers sold from $20 to $58/head to hold firm.

Medium weight score two ewes to pro­ces­sors and re­stock­ers were firm at $87 to $105/head with heavy weights from $100 to $130/head, also firm at an av­er­age of 430c/kg.

The best heavy wethers made $110 to $134/head to ex­port and were $5/head dearer with the top hav­ing a 100mm fleece.

Rams sold from $40 to $75/head to pro­ces­sors to hold firm.

Sheep high­lights

C Boyle & P John­son, Pi­awan­ning: 22 Dor­per lambs (top $155.50).

Buttco Fenc­ing & Gates, Keller­ber­rin: 37 Suf­folk cross lambs (top $145.50)

Yeringa Park Est, Trayn­ing: 33 cross­bred lambs (top $145).

IA & DJ Warner, Northam: 10 Merino ewe mut­ton (top $120).


Num­bers were down by 1000 head, with 2054 head yarded. Prices were gen­er­ally firm with the ex­cep­tion of lo­cal year­ling heifers, down 30c/kg, and pas­toral grown steers, down 20c/kg. Prime cows eased 5c/kg on weaker de­mand.

Those that fin­ished higher were prime bulls, up 10c/kg, while lo­cal grown heifers were up 20c/kg on qual­ity.

Vealer steers sold from 250c to 346c/kg, to av­er­age 309c/kg firm, while vealer heifers sold from 200c to 300c/kg, firm.

Lo­cal year­ling steers made 232c to 298c/kg and pas­toral cat­tle made from 200c to 246c/kg, to be firm.

Lo­cal year­ling heifers over 330kg sold from 180c to 266c/kg, down 30c/kg, qual­ity driven.

Pas­toral year­ling heifers un­der 330kg sold mainly to feed­ers from 90c to 200c/kg to be firm, while those over 330kg made 160c to 230c/ kg, also hold­ing firm.

Lo­cal grown steers made 200c to 268c/kg to hold firm.

Pas­toral grown steers made 175c to 188c/kg and were 20c/kg eas­ier on a poorer se­lec­tion.

Lo­cal grown heifers made 230c to 270c/kg, up 20c/kg on qual­ity.

Pas­toral types made 194c/kg and were 5c/kg dearer on qual­ity.

Lightweight cows to feed­ers sold from 92c to 168c/kg to be firm.

Medium weight score two cows made 150c to 190c/kg to be firm, and prime cows were down 5c/kg to make 180c to 196c/kg.

Lightweight bulls to live ex­port sold from 280c to 332c/kg.

Medium weights to live ex­port made from 150c to 190c/kg, firm and prime bulls made 198c to 222c/kg, up 10c/kg on in­creased de­mand.

Cat­tle high­lights

Perth Cen­tral Hold­ings, Gin­gin: 5 An­gus steers (415kg, 274c/kg, $1137), 5 An­gus heifers (394kg, 280c/kg, $1103).

MT Clere Sta­tion, Up­per Gas­coyne: 10 Brah­man bulls (343kg, 274c/kg, $940).

GB & G Ni­co­letti, We­sto­nia: 11 Charo­lais cross steers (367kg, 300c/kg, $1101), 8 An­gus steers (295kg, 308c/kg, $909).

Larussa As­sets, Gin­gin: 9 Mur­ray Grey cows (557kg, 192c/kg, $1069).

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