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The yard­ing of 14,773 head was 4000 down on the last week’s sale.

The sale was gen­er­ally firm with the most no­table change to store lambs, which eased $10/head, but this is not un­usual in Fe­bru­ary.

Air­freight lambs eased $6/head due to re­duced live ex­port de­mand and trade lambs eased $3/head on re­duced qual­ity.

The high­light of the sale was a pen of heavy prime South African Merino mut­ton lambs from Coomberdale es­ti­mated at 27kg cwt that sold from $165/head.

Light cross­bred lambs to feed­ers sold from $40 to $61/head, firm for very light lambs, and $92 to $115/ head for heavy­weight lambs, back $10/head.

Air­freight lambs made from $67 to $106/head, down $6/head.

Trade lambs made from $100 to $146/head, eas­ing $3/head, and heavy lambs sold from $132 to $165/ head to be firm.

Very light store Merino wether lambs to feed­ers sold from $36 to $72/head. Light lambs made from $66 to $121/head and medi­ums sold from $98 to live ex­port, all down $10/head. Light store Merino ewe lambs to feed­ers made from $65 to $74/head, down $10/head.

Hoggets made from $100 to $115/ head, up $5/head on a better se­lec­tion. The few ram lambs sold to gra­ziers at $77/head for a pen of lightweights.

In the yard­ing of mut­ton, light ewe bon­ers made from $60 to $116/ head to pro­ces­sors, the top ewes with a $15 fleece.

Medium weight score two ewes to pro­ces­sors and re­stock­ers made from $82 to $116/head to be firm, heavy­weights sold from $106 to $138/head firm and the tops had a 75mm fleece.

The best heavy wethers made from $91 to $144/head firm, again the tops with a 75mm fleece.

Rams sold from $40 to $82/head to pro­ces­sors.

M & M An­dri­jich, Toodyay: 10 cross­bred lambs (top $140).

RA & T Chitty, Toodyay: 47 cross­bred lambs (top $139.50).

CK Mcpher­son, Koo­jan: cross­bred lambs (top $139).

Avon Fen­z­ing, York: 76 cross­bred lambs (top $139).

TE & AE Har­ris, Cun­derdin: 89 Merino ewes (top $129.50).

LK & LG Beurteaux, Bruce Rock: 67 Merino woolly ewes (top $138.50).

GJ Wat­ters, Gidge­gan­nup: 17 Merino ewes (top $129).



There were 1781 yarded, up 130 head on much im­proved qual­ity.

Prices for heavy fe­males and prime bulls were 10c to 20c/kg dearer. An im­prove­ment in qual­ity of the younger cat­tle saw vealer heifers 10c/kg dearer.

Both lo­cal and pas­toral year­ling heifers were 30c/kg dearer and year­ling steers were up 20c/kg.

Light­weight bulls to live ex­port were down 50c/kg as the mar­ket co­in­cided with the fin­ish of the load­ing of ships.

Pas­toral grown heifers were down 10c/kg on qual­ity.

Vealer steers sold from 222c to 344c/kg to av­er­age 313c/kg firm.

Vealer heifers were mainly lighter types and sold from 180c to 310c/kg to av­er­age 271c and be 10c/ kg dearer.

Lo­cal year­ling steers made from 250c to 306c/kg to av­er­age 295c/kg, up 20c/kg. Pas­toral steers un­der 330kg made from 192c to 250c/kg to be firm.

Lo­cal year­ling heifers over 330kg sold from 230c to 288c/kg to av­er­age 265c/kg, up 30c/kg.

Pas­toral heifers un­der 330kg made from 170c to 200c/kg to av­er­age 185c/kg, up 30c/kg.

Lo­cally grown steers made from 254c to 298c/kg to be firm.

Bul­locks made from 228c to 248c/ kg, also firm. Pas­toral steers made from 188c to 222c/kg, down 10c/kg due to qual­ity.

Lo­cally grown heifers sold from 238c to 272c/kg, up 10c/kg. Pas­toral heifers sold from 188c to 222c/kg, down 10c/kg and qual­ity driven.

Light­weight cows to feed­ers sold from 114c to 206c/kg, up 10c/kg.

Medium weight score two cows made from 188c to 220c/kg, up 15c/ kg. Prime cows made from 220c to 238c/kg, up 20c/kg.

Light­weight bulls to live ex­port sold from 220c to 362c/kg, down 50c/kg. Medium weights to same made from 240c to 252c/kg to be firm. Heavy prime bulls made from 238c to 250c/kg, up 10c/kg.

M & G Hyne, Gin­gin: 1 Here­ford cross steer (732kg, 260c/kg, $1903).

Dow Stud, Mid­dle Swan: 6 An­gus grain-as­sisted steers (498kg, 298c/ kg, $1484).

Coolawanyah Pas­toral Co, Bin­doon: 7 Drought­mas­ter steers (595kg, 272c/kg, $1618).

Kimely Pty Ltd, Ene­abba: 10 Drought­mas­ter steers (401kg, 270c/kg, $1083), 4 Drought­mas­ter cross steers (380kg, 300c/kg, $1140).

Bal­four Downs Pas­toral Co, Badgin­garra: 13 Brah­man cross heifers (381kg, 222c/kg, $846).

WM & CE Cowcher, Williams: 15 Mur­ray Grey steers (312k, 318c/kg, $992).

Cowla Pas­toral Co, Badgin­garra: 1 Mur­ray Grey bull calf (top $655), 3 Mur­ray Grey heifer calves (top $400).

IL Mar­shall, Lower Chit­ter­ing: 10 Mur­ray Grey bull calves (top $515).

Sala­mar Pty Ltd, Quairad­ing: 1 Mur­ray Grey bull calf (top $600).

Tech­nidraw Pty Ltd, Gin­gin: 4 An­gus bull calves (top $420).

Tower­bank, Gidge­gan­nup: 2 Mur­ray Grey bull calves (top $705).

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