No. 407

Countryman - - COMICS -

1. Who played Mo­han­das Gandhi in the 1982 film Gandhi?

2. Dan­ish long­ball is a hy­brid of which two pop­u­lar sports?

3. Which book starts with “Call me Ish­mael”? 4. Which TV se­ries starred Nick Lachey and Jes­sica Simp­son?

5. What is the third-largest is­land in Europe? 6. Who was the last girl to join the Spice Girls? 7. The three main rock types are sed­i­men­tary, meta­mor­phic and what?

8. What is of­ten re­ferred to as ‘The Lost City of the In­cas’?

9. True or false – WD-40 stands for ‘Wa­ter Dis­placer – 40th At­tempt’?

10. Who was Aus­tralia’s first ca­noe/kayak gold medal­list at the Olympics?

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