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There were 58,972 sheep and lambs penned on Tues­day, down 3000 head, mak­ing it the small­est yard­ing for a prime sale in Oc­to­ber for six years, with ven­dors cau­tious after weaker prices ear­lier this month.

Once again com­pe­ti­tion from pro­ces­sors was lim­ited as di­rect to the works sales re­main dom­i­nant.

Qual­ity re­mained sim­i­lar in most in­stances but there was a re­duced num­ber of prime lambs.

One live ex­porter was back in the mar­ket and was ac­tive on wether lambs weigh­ing 15-20kg.

This helped lift val­ues by $2 to $3/head on the air­freight and trade type lambs.

The feed­ers and re­stock­ers were not as ac­tive and val­ues de­creased by $4 to $20 on medium store type lambs, apart from the very light Merino ewe lambs, which gained $10/head.

The mut­ton mar­ket eased fur­ther on lim­ited com­pe­ti­tion from pro­ces­sors, de­creas­ing from $2 to $10 across the sale but tended to re­main firm in later sales.

In the lamb sec­tion light new-sea­sons sold from $50 to $81 to feed­ers, down $4/head.

Air­freight types made from $65 to $100 gain­ing $3/head on the back of live ex­port com­pe­ti­tion.

The trade also saw prices im­prove by $2 to make from $98 to $140/head, which came in later sales.

The old sea­son’s lambs sold $10 to $15/head easier than the new sea­son’s lamb val­ues.

Ram lambs mainly sold from $87 to $90, with the trade eas­ing $10/head due to qual­ity.

The best hoggets sold to the trade for $101 to re­main firm, with feed­ers pay­ing from $55 to $70/head for light weights which also sold firm.

Very light young store Merino ewes were keenly sought by re­stock­ers, mak­ing from $60 to $80 up $10, how­ever the medium weights de­creased $20 mak­ing from $56 to $82/head, again due to qual­ity fac­tors.

The light weight young wethers to gra­ziers sold from $60 to $123, with live ex­port pay­ing from $72 to $94/head to keep val­ues firm.

Once again, the mut­ton mar­ket was the most af­fected by the re­duced de­mand from pro­ces­sors.

The best bon­ers sold from $53 to $75, down $2/head. Trade ewes made from $75 to $90, eas­ing $5, with prime heavy weights mak­ing from $93 to $113 also de­creas­ing $10/head. Prime wethers with a 150mm skin, sold from $92 to $119, eas­ing $10/head.

Live ex­port paid from $75 to $100/head for younger types, re­main­ing firm.

Rams sold to pro­ces­sors pre­dom­i­nantly from $60 to $80 to re­main firm, with live ex­port pay­ing from $60 to $101/head for bet­ter younger types.


Num­bers de­creased by nearly 200 for a to­tal yard­ing of 1070 head of live weight cat­tle.

There was a rel­a­tively equal mix of lo­cal and pas­toral cat­tle in a much im­proved qual­ity yard­ing.

Val­ues for grown steers and heifers, as well as light and medium weight bulls gained 10¢ to 15¢/kg.

Prime heavy cows were 5¢ dearer, with the largest in­crease of the day be­ing 30¢/kg for pas­toral vealer and year­ling heifers, which was largely qual­ity driven.

In the lo­cal sec­tion of the yard­ing gra­ziers were the main pur­chasers of the veal­ers.

The vealer steers sold from 230¢ to 322¢/kg, re­main­ing firm on the solid prices ob­tained last week.

Ad­di­tion­ally the vealer heifers sold firm mak­ing from 130¢ to 284¢/kg.

The best of the year­ling steers sold from 242¢ to 314¢ to re­main firm, while the bet­ter year­ling heifers made from 190c to 296c/kg to also re­main firm.

A much bet­ter se­lec­tion of grown steers sold from 236¢ to 296¢, up 10¢, while grown heifers sold from 184c to 274c, in­creas­ing 15c/kg.

Light­weight cows, in­clud­ing pas­torals, sold mainly from 80¢ to 162¢, eas­ing 10¢/kg due to re­duced gra­zier de­mand.

The 2 score medium weights sold from 172¢ to 190¢ to re­main firm, with the prime lines mak­ing from 194¢ to 228¢, up 5¢/kg in line with the much im­proved se­lec­tion.

Light­weight bulls, in­clud­ing pas­torals, to live ex­port sold from 262¢ to 310¢/kg.

Medium weights to live ex­port and pro­ces­sors sold 15¢ dearer mak­ing from 196¢ to 244¢, with heavy weights to pro­ces­sors mak­ing from 190¢ to 208¢, eas­ing 10¢/kg on a larger se­lec­tion

In the pas­toral sec­tion vealer heifers weigh­ing less than 330kg sold from 88¢ to 180c, up 30¢/kg.

Vealer steers sold from 230¢ to 284¢/kg to re­main firm. Ad­di­tion­ally, year­ling steers sold firm mak­ing from 200¢ to 276¢/kg.

Medium weight year­ling heifers sold 30¢ dearer, driven by qual­ity fac­tors, mak­ing from 210¢ to 228¢/kg.


Bul­lock Hills Pas­toral, Woodanilling: Seven Sim­men­tal heifers (509kg, 270¢/kg, $1374); two Sim­men­tal bulls (577kg, 242¢/kg, $1396); one Sim­men­tal bull (676kg, 244¢/kg, $1649).

FA Grig­son & Son, Badgin­garra: Six Here­ford steers (740kg, 240¢/kg, $1776); six Here­ford steers (676kg, 244¢/kg, $1649).

GC Bar­low, Lower Chit­ter­ing: One An­gus steer (522kg, 244¢/kg, $1274).

LG & AE Forbes, Nar­ratarra: Four An­gus steers (433kg, 282¢/kg, $1221).

Lins­mau Stud, Bulls­brook: One Shorthorn cow (728kg, 206¢/kg, $1500).

JL & JC Pumpa, Yal­goo: Seven Drought­mas­ter cows (553kg, 228¢/kg, $1261).

RP & RM Davies, Gayscoyne Junc­tion: One Brah­man-cross bull (572kg, 228¢/kg, $1304).


HPPL Pas­toral Co, Chit­ter­ing: Eight Mur­ray Grey steers (top $695); four Mur­ray Grey heifers (top $550); seven Mur­ray Grey heifers (top $560).

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