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Muchea Live­stock Cen­tre recorded a to­tal yard­ing of 8850 sheep and lambs this week, with num­bers up by 800 head com­pared to the pre­vi­ous sale.

There was strong feeder and re­stocker en­quiry on light young Merino store ewe lambs, and hoggets drove val­ues up $5 to $10/head on those types. That de­mand spilled over into air­freight types, which also gained $5/head in price, with trade and heavy lamb prices re­main­ing firm.

Stronger en­quiry from pro­ces­sors on mut­ton pro­duced in­creased val­ues of gen­er­ally $5 to $6/head for ewes and the bet­ter wethers and $10/head for rams.

In the lamb sec­tion, gra­ziers paid $47 to $64/head for very light stores, with medium weights from $80 to $95/head.

Air­freight types sold to the trade for $92 to $110/head, up $5/head. Trade types sold for $105 to $140/head and heav­ies for $137 to $142/head.

Ram lambs sold for between $60/ head, paid for lightweights, and $145/ head, paid for ex­tra heavy types.

The best hoggets sold for $86 to $120/head to the trade, a rise of $10/ head, while re­stock­ers paid $86 to $118/ head for ewe hoggets.

Very light store Merino young ewes to re­stock­ers sold for $72 to $80/head, up $10/head, and medium weights sold for $70 to $116/head.

Light­weight young wethers sold to gra­ziers for $47 to $100/head.

The mut­ton mar­ket rose $5/head, with boner ewes sell­ing for $80 to $95/ head.

Re­stock­ers paid $64 to $126/head for light younger types, a rise in price of $10/ head.

Trade ewes sold for $88 to $106/ head, with heavy­weights mak­ing from $98 to $130/head, all up $5/head.

Prime wethers sold for $130 to $140/ head to pro­ces­sors and for $114 to $151/ head to feed­ers, the top-priced hav­ing a near full fleece.

Rams sold for mainly $40 to $105/ head to pro­ces­sors.

HR & KD Foulkes-Tay­lor, Al­lanooka: 29 Dor­per-cross sucker lambs (top $145); JH & HF Stone, Quairad­ing: 64 cross-bred sucker lambs (top $137); MS Kay, Bin­doon: 26 cross-bred sucker lambs (top $140); IM & JC Clarke, Gooma­lling: 13 cross-bred lambs (top $137); SM Crid­dle, Walk­a­way: 32 Merino ewe mut­ton (top $120.50); GC & CM Smart, Cun­derdin: 43 Merino ewe mut­ton (top $128); seven Merino wethers (top $145); MV & DM O’Driscoll, Grass Val­ley: 27 cross-bred ewe mut­ton (top $120); T & A Blayney, Mullewa: 39 Merino ewe hoggets (top $121); RR & BJ McNee & Co, Cun­derdin: six Merinocross ewe hoggets (top $127); IM & KR Siegert, Meck­er­ing: four Merino wethers (top $135.50).

A to­tal of 2100 live-weight cat­tle were penned this week at Muchea Live­stock Cen­tre, a rise of nearly 600 head on the pre­vi­ous sale.

The qual­ity of the yard­ing was av­er­age, with price in­creases of 15¢ to 30¢/kg on pas­toral vealer cat­tle, driven by strong feeder de­mand.

Cows gained 5¢/kg in price, while prices for year­lings, grown steers and heifers re­mained firm. The bull mar­ket was over­sup­plied, which was re­flected in the prices.

Younger live-ex­port types eased in price from 30¢ to 50¢/kg and de­mand eased on heavy­weights, which were bought by pro­ces­sors for 10¢/kg less than in the pre­vi­ous sale.

In the lo­cal sec­tion of the yard­ing, vealer steers sold for 290¢ to 350¢/kg and vealer heifers for 160¢ to 280¢/kg.

Grain-as­sisted yearling steers sold for 280¢ to 320¢/kg, with prices equal to the pre­vi­ous week, and there was strong live ex­port de­mand for grass-fed types, which sold for 200¢ to 270¢/kg.

Yearling heifers, the top end be­ing grain-as­sisted, sold for 262¢ to 284¢/kg to the trade and for 150¢ to 254¢/kg to feed­ers.

Grown steers (500-600kg) sold for 214¢ to 260¢/kg to live ex­port and the bet­ter qual­ity heav­ier steers sold for 200¢ to 236¢/kg to man­u­fac­tur­ers.

Grown heifers re­mained firm in price, sell­ing for 160¢ to 220¢/kg on a light se­lec­tion.

Very light­weight cows, in­clud­ing pas­torals,mainly sold for 100¢ to 162¢/kg to feed­ers to be firm.

The score 2 medium weights sold for 175¢ to 190¢/kg, up 5¢/kg, with the prime lines mak­ing from 190¢ to 228¢/kg, also up 5¢/kg.

Light­weight bulls, in­clud­ing pas­torals, sold to live ex­port sold for 200¢ to 328¢/ kg, eas­ing 50¢/kg.

Medium weights sold to live ex­port for 196¢ to 266¢/kg, eas­ing 30¢/kg, with heavy weights sell­ing to pro­ces­sors for 188¢ to 204¢/kg, to be 10¢/kg cheaper.

In the pas­toral sec­tion, vealer steers sold for 100¢ to 260¢/kg, up 20¢/kg on a bet­ter se­lec­tion and stronger de­mand.

Vealer heifers gained 30¢/kg in price, mak­ing from 100¢ to 200¢/kg, driven by qual­ity.

Yearling steers sold to live ex­port for 200¢ to 270¢/kg, to re­main firm, with gra­ziers pay­ing from 160¢ to 240¢/kg.

Light­weight yearling heifers sold for 80¢ to 162¢/kg, re­main­ing firm, with medium weights also firm, sell­ing for 170¢ to 240¢/kg.

Cunyu Pas­toral Co, Don­gara: three Here­ford steers (472kg, 280¢/kg, $1322); two Here­ford steers (657kg, 248¢/kg, $1629); Car­doo Hold­ings, Pan­na­won­ica: one Brah­man-cross steer (640kg, 240¢/kg, $1536); Atwell Pty Ltd, Mardella: three Mur­ray Grey steers (520kg, 290¢/kg, $1508); CC Wheat­ley, En­neabba: seven An­gus cows (548kg, 214¢/kg, $1173); LJ & BM Hasleby, Northamp­ton: two Santa Gertrudis cows (617kg, 204¢/kg, $1259); three Santa Gertrudis cows (548kg, 220¢/kg, $1206); one Santa Gertrudis bull (1122kg, 196¢/kg, $2199); C Atwell & Co, Ser­pen­tine: four An­gus cows (764kg, 210¢/kg, $1604); PE Nolan, Gin­gin: four Mur­ray Grey steers (370kg, 322¢/kg, $1191).

Booladgi Pas­toral Co, We­sto­nia: eight An­gus bull calves (top $600); one Mur­ray Grey bull calf (top $515); one An­gus heifer calf (top $475); Par­doo Beef, Wun­dowie: seven Li­mousin heifer calves (top $520); three Li­mousin heifer calves (top $500).

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