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Step 1

STITCH the cross stitch us­ing two strands of stranded cot­ton. It may help to wash and press the even­weave dry be­fore you start stitch­ing, as this will re­move some of the stiff­en­ing, and make it eas­ier to stitch.

Step 2

CUT a square of pink checked fabric to cover the cen­tre of the pin cush­ion. Cut a length of lace to fit on one side of the square. Po­si­tion the lace un­der the edge, so that just a small amount shows from the front. At­tach the checked fabric by stitch­ing around the edge with small run­ning stitches – this will also se­cure the lace.

Step 3

US­ING the tem­plate pro­vided, cut two small leaves from green felt. Place the leaves at the top of the checked fabric and stitch down the cen­tre of each with run­ning stitches. Sew the two pink but­tons at the bot­tom of the checked fabric. Back­stitch the cherry stems in green, be­tween the leaves and each but­ton.

Step 4

CUT a rec­tan­gle of green felt the same size as the even­weave. Place the stitch­ing face-down on the felt, and sew around the edges to join the lay­ers to­gether, but leav­ing a small gap for turn­ing. Turn to the right side, stuff with cot­ton wool or toy stuff­ing, and then sew up the gap with small, neat stitches.

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