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Step 1

TRACE the tem­plates of the heart shapes pro­vided onto pa­per or card. Use them to cut two heart bot­toms from red felt, a heart top from the back­ing fab­ric, and a heart top from the stitched even­weave. Po­si­tion the tem­plate so that the cross stitch de­sign is cen­tral.

Step 2

USE run­ning stitches to sew the felt to the stitched heart top, over­lap­ping the felt onto the even­weave by 1cm (⅜in). Make small stitches through both lay­ers of fab­ric, sewing the two parts to­gether. Re­peat for the heart back, us­ing the back­ing fab­ric and the other felt heart bot­tom.

Step 3

PLACE the as­sem­bled heart front and back right-sides to­gether, and sew around the edge of the heart with a 1cm (⅜in) seam al­lowance, leav­ing a gap on one side for turn­ing.

Step 4

TRIM the seam al­lowance and clip the curves. Turn to the right side and stuff with toy stuff­ing. Sew up the gap, then sew the hang­ing thread to the top of the heart. Make a bow from stranded cot­ton and sew to the top of the heart.

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