Just a few gather stitches help cre­ate this 3D ef­fect.

Cross Stitcher - - The Savvy Stitcher -


TRACE the skirt tem­plate, and copy and cut out from your fabric, fray­ing the bot­tom edge if you wish. Hem the fabric sides by mak­ing a 0.5mm turn to the re­verse, and ma­chine stitch in place.

Step 2

MAKE a hem along the top edge – or the waist band of the skirt – by sim­ply mak­ing a 0.5mm fold to the re­verse of the fabric, and ma­chine stitch­ing in to­gether.


CRE­ATE the gath­ered waist­band by work­ing a tack­ing stitch along the top hem (Our thread is con­trast­ing to show you). Knot your start­ing thread and make your stitches even in length.

Step 4

PLEAT the fabric along your tack­ing stitches to gather. Check the width of the gath­ered edge against your cross stitch and knot to se­cure. Stitch your skirt into place.

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