Cross Stitcher - - Create A Classic -

1. Away waste knot

KNOT one end of your thread and take it down through the front of your fabric, 2cm from your start­ing point. Bring it back up to the front of the fabric to make your first stitch. Be­gin stitch­ing your de­sign, mak­ing sure you stitch over your start­ing thread with each stitch. Once you’re happy that your start­ing thread is se­cure, snip off the knot. To se­cure your thread when you’ve fin­ished stitch­ing, weave it through the back of your stitches.

2. Loop knot

WORK­ING in two strands makes a loop knot the neat­est method. Cut a sin­gle length of thread, twice as long as nor­mal. Fold in half to cre­ate a loop at one end. Thread your nee­dle with the two tail ends. Bring your nee­dle up to the front of your fabric, leav­ing a small loop of thread on the re­verse. Make a half cross stitch, pass­ing your nee­dle through the loop on the re­verse, as shown. Pull all the way to se­cure the thread then con­tinue with your stitch­ing.

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