Stitch our mini stock­ing then spruce it up with some easy-to-make tas­sels!

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TAKE some stranded cot­ton in your choice of colour and then cut four lengths of the cot­ton mea­sur­ing about 10cm each. Keep the lengths grouped to­gether – there’s no need to sep­a­rate each strand for this as they will be knot­ted to­gether be­fore be­ing made into a tas­sel.

Step 2

TAKE an­other length of cot­ton in the same colour – we’ve used a con­trast­ing colour to show you here – and sep­a­rate a sin­gle strand. Knot this thread around the mid­dle of the thread lengths to hold the lengths to­gether, and this will also be your hang­ing thread.


FOLD an­other strand of cot­ton in half to cre­ate a loop at one end. Place the thread around the top of the tas­sel and pass the tail ends through the loop. Pull the loop taut, and pass the tail ends back and forth through the tas­sel neck to se­cure.

Step 4

EN­SURE the thread is se­cured around the tas­sel neck, then take the tail ends back through the tas­sel skirt, and trim. Oversew each tas­sel to the top of your plas­tic can­vas stock­ing us­ing the tas­sel hang­ing thread to se­cure.

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