Trans­form your stitch­ing into a wear­able work of art.

Cross Stitcher - - The Savvy Stitcher -

Use this chart to stitch over two threads if work­ing on even­weave or over one thread if work­ing on aida


START by mak­ing a card tem­plate, draw a cir­cle around your de­sign which is 1cm larger than the di­am­e­ter of your but­ton. Then cut out and use the tem­plate to cut out a cir­cle of even­weave.

Step 2

CUT two lengths of sewing cot­ton, work a gath­er­ing stitch around the cir­cum­fer­ence of your fab­ric, about 0.5cm from the fab­ric edge. Leave both tail ends free and un­knot­ted.


PLACE the de­sign face down. Place the but­ton in the cen­tre of the fab­ric. Pull the two tail ends of the gath­er­ing thread, and gather the fab­ric around the but­ton. Knot the thread to se­cure.

Step 4

PLACE the flat but­ton washer over the but­ton shank and press firmly to se­cure. Use a glue gun to se­cure the cov­ered but­tons to the safety pin and cut out a cou­ple of felt leaves to dec­o­rate.

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