Make a… car­rot pin­cush­ion

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Step 1

COM­PLETE the stitch­ing, then roll the fab­ric into a car­rot shape. With the stitch­ing match­ing up at the back seam, trim away some of the ex­cess fab­ric, leav­ing a 1.25cm (½in) seam al­lowance on both back edges.

Step 2

KEEP the fab­ric folded into a car­rot shape and roughly gather the top of the car­rot up in your hand. Once you have de­cided on the fi­nal length of your car­rot, trim away some of the ex­cess fab­ric at the top. Pin, then ma­chine stitch, the back seam closed on the wrong side. Trim away some of the ex­cess seam al­lowance, and turn to the right side. Stuff firmly with toy stuff­ing. Stitch a row of gath­er­ing stitches across the top of the car­rot fab­ric. Pull up the thread to gather then se­cure with stitches.

Step 3

CUT a cir­cle of grey felt to cover the gath­er­ing at the top of the car­rot. Use fab­ric glue or a few neat stitches to hold in place. Us­ing green felt, cut two leaf shapes, joined in the mid­dle. Place on the grey felt in the cen­tre of the car­rot top and stitch or glue in place.

Why not add a loop of baker’s twine to the top of your car­rots, so they can hang up in your craft room when not in use?

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