Paint your wooden hoop be­fore you mount your work to co­or­di­nate with your de­sign - small tester pots of emul­sion are per­fect for this!

How to… frame your work in a hoop

Cross Stitcher - - The Garden Gang -

Step 1

TRIM your stitch­ing and a fab­ric piece into a cir­cle slightly larger than your hoop. Place the in­side hoop be­neath the two pieces and the outer hoop on top. Cen­tre and press over your work. Pull taut and tighten the screw.

Step 2

TURN your stitch­ing to the re­verse and cut a piece of felt to fit in­side the in­ner cir­cle. Place the felt in­side the hoop. You can use a bit of fab­ric glue to keep it in place. The felt will pad your stitch­ing, and stop any­thing show­ing through.

Step 3

USE a glue gun or dou­ble-sided tape to be­gin at­tach­ing the first layer of fab­ric, pulling taut as you go. Re­peat for the sec­ond layer. Cut a sec­ond felt layer to fit over the back of your hoop. Se­cure with glue or small, neat stitches.

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