Our tea bag holder de­sign comes with a mini teapot stitched tag.

Cross Stitcher - - The Savvy Stitcher -


CUT your stitched fab­ric to 13x9cm (5x3½in), cen­trally from left to right, and with 2cm ( ¾ in) of fab­ric be­low the de­sign. Cut your back­ing fab­ric to the same size.

Step 2

SEW around three sides of the bag with a 1cm (⅜in) seam al­lowance, leav­ing the top open. Re­duce the seam al­lowance and clip the cor­ners. Turn to the right side and in­sert a tea bag.


PLACE the de­sign face-down then fold the top into a point. Fold down the point, then place a length of rib­bon on top and fold down again. Use a sin­gle sta­ple to hold the top in place.

Step 4

ADD a few in­vis­i­ble stitches to hold the folded top in place if needed. Cut around the teapot stitched on per­fo­rated pa­per, one square out­side the stitch­ing. Stitch the teapot to the rib­bon.

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