Quick to stitch, our cute card de­sign is worked on blue aida.

Cross Stitcher - - The Savvy Stitcher -


PLACE your card over your stitch­ing. Cut the fab­ric to fit in­side the card. Po­si­tion the de­sign cen­trally be­hind the card win­dow. Use pins to mark the aper­ture edges on the fab­ric, to help to line up with your work when as­sem­bling the card.

Step 2

WORK on the wrong side of the card and stick strips of dou­ble-sided tape around the edge of the aper­ture. Make sure you do not get too close to the edges or the fold. It will help if you cut the strips be­fore you start to as­sem­ble the card.


PLACE the stitch­ing face-up on the ta­ble, then place the card cen­trally over the stitch­ing, lin­ing up the edges of the aper­ture with the pins. Gen­tly ad­just the po­si­tion of the fab­ric, un­til you are happy that the lines of aida square line up ex­actly with the aper­ture. Press down firmly.

Step 4

TURN to the wrong side, and then us­ing dou­ble-sided tape, at­tach a rec­tan­gle of white pa­per to the back flap, to stop the card colour show­ing through. Add strips of dou­ble-sided tape around the aper­ture, and then fold the back flap over onto the back of the stitch­ing.

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