How to… frame a pic­ture

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With a fair amount of count­ing be­tween each ele­ment of the sam­pler, it’s eas­i­est to work on and com­plete each mo­tif be­fore mov­ing on to the next

Step 1

CUT a piece of white mount board to fit in­side your frame. Place your de­sign cen­trally over the mount board and pin the fab­ric around the board to se­cure, start­ing at the cen­tre of each side and work­ing out­wards.

Step 2

PIN around the en­tire perime­ter and check you are happy with the po­si­tion­ing of your de­sign, then turn over to the re­verse. Use dou­ble-sided tape to se­cure the fab­ric ex­cess around all four sides.

Step 3

SE­CURE the fab­ric edges with mask­ing tape and re­move the pins. Po­si­tion your stitch­ing in the frame and back with a sec­ond piece of mount board. Seal the edges with more mask­ing tape to fin­ish off.

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