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The Rail, from Thai com­pany Vee, is a 40mm tube­less­ready tyre, built with Vee’s DCC (Dual Con­trol Com­pound) rub­ber on a 120tpi car­cass. Our tyre weighed in at 516g, and the tread pat­tern com­prises five over­lap­ping par­al­lel rows of for­ward fac­ing, 2mm tall tri­an­gu­lar blocks, with large 3mm tall, ar­row­like shoul­der blocks for cor­ner­ing grip.


Although tubeless-ready, the Rail is a loose fit on cer­tain tubeless rims, and we failed to seat our test ex­am­ple in eight at­tempts on one set of Stan’s No Tubes-made rims, us­ing a 160psi charger pump. Fi­nally fit­ted to a 26mm wide rim, its in­flated width is 39mm and it’s 38mm tall.

Hard go­ing

Rec­om­mended pres­sure for the Rail is 45-85psi, be­low which the side­walls can crease, and at just un­der 50psi, we found it markedly noisy on tar­mac, with a lit­tle buzz from those larger tread blocks. Our front tyre didn’t run very straight, which was un­set­tling, but its round pro­file en­sured smooth tran­si­tions in and out of turns, and the sup­ple rub­ber clings on will­ingly.

Soft go­ing

On gravel and dirt, the Rail rolls quickly on the straights, and although it rides taller than the Riddler, with greater air vol­ume, its higher min­i­mum pres­sure robs it of some com­fort and edge grip on loose cor­ners, as the tyre can’t de­form much and lacks prom­i­nent shoul­der blocks, al­low­ing it to break trac­tion sooner.

HIGHS Great vol­ume, good firm sur­face grip LOWS Noisy, high min­i­mum pres­sure, lim­ited loose grip

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