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The chain-and-de­railleur driv­e­train of a mod­ern bike is a tremen­dously ef­fi­cient sys­tem. It peaks at about 98 per cent ef­fi­ciency and is typ­i­cally around 96-97.5 per cent be­tween 200-300 watts. It’s ac­tu­ally most ef­fi­cient on larger sprock­ets as the chain is form­ing a less ex­treme ra­dius, while cross-chain­ing – small ring to small sprocket – not sur­pris­ingly re­duces ef­fi­ciency. Re­search sug­gests that lubes can help you to eke out ev­ery lit­tle bit of ef­fi­ciency, gain­ing you up to nine watts, partly through the lube fill­ing gaps that grit and dirt would oth­er­wise oc­cupy.

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