Use­fully pow­er­ful with light sen­si­tive fit-and-for­get func­tion

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Weight 180g Run time (max power) 2 hours 50 mins Guee takes the guess­work out of light use with an au­to­matic shine se­lec­tor on its pow­er­ful, gen­er­ously long life Sol 700. The hinged, hard plas­tic clamp works with round bars and if you re­move that and flip the base mount to cen­tralise it, it works on GoPro mounts. The sin­gle LED gives a medium spread beam for a de­cent mix of reach and wider cov­er­age, and runs through use­fully bright medium, low, flash and strobe modes. The ‘am­bi­ent’ mode au­to­mat­i­cally switches power lev­els, which is great for dawn/dusk wood­land or traf­fic rid­ing. Run times are im­pres­sive for the weight, mak­ing this a stand­out unit whether you need the auto sen­sor or not.


£56.99 Weight 145g Run time (max power) 1 hour 40 mins The cheap­est twin LED here gives good cov­er­age but lacks depth for speed work. The moulded round bar shoe can be re­moved to fit flat aero bars and swivels to sit on stems. The quoted 700 lu­men out­put seems less when rid­ing, and while it spreads wide for good con­tex­tual cov­er­age, you’ll be squint­ing to see far ahead at speed. The three lower modes are dim­mer too so hard rid­ing time is lim­ited, but a two-stage low warn­ing is a nice touch. The day flash mode is plenty pow­er­ful and the deep re­cessed USB port with stout plug makes it use­fully weath­er­proof.


£59.99 Weight 165g Run time (max power) 1 hour 30 mins Its 900 lu­mens for £60 sounds too good to be true and it is, but the Xeccon is still an ad­e­quate and af­ford­able per­former. The hinged clamp with thumb­wheel ad­juster lim­its fit­ting to round 25.4-31.8mm bars, but it clamps se­curely for off-road use. The Spear gives a smoothly graded medium fo­cus beam with soft edges, but in terms of out­put it’s shaded by the 650-700-lu­men lights here. There’s lit­tle dif­fer­ence be­tween medium and high modes, but that means you can ex­tend its short run life with­out much com­pro­mise of light­ing be­fore the 15-minutes-to-go low light comes on.


£59.99 Weight 95g Run time (max power) 2 hours 15 mins Cateye’s neat Volt 500XC is a sturdy and re­li­able light that’s bet­ter than it sounds on pa­per. The tiny tubu­lar de­sign uses a hooked rub­ber shoe mount that sits on most round or flat bars and twists around to mount on a stem, and it’s steady enough un­til tracks get prop­erly bumpy. The sin­gle LED gives a soft, warm roundel of light, which is eye friendly for pacy back road rid­ing. The dim mode is fee­ble be­yond lit streets, and recharg­ing is slow. Side pan­els in the lens plus flash and strobe modes give ur­ban/day­light safety though and run times are over dou­ble what Cateye states.

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