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The Keo Car­bon Cromo fea­tures a car­bon pedal body and over­sized chro­moly steel axle, turn­ing on weather-proofed roller and nee­dle bear­ings, which Look says increases power. They are sup­plied with a 12Nm re­lease ten­sion car­bon blade spring, plus a 16Nm al­ter­na­tive, with a 20Nm one avail­able for burly sprint­ers.Our pair weighed 230g, plus 69g for the cleats and fix­ings.


The slim-look­ing standard grey cleats are 70mm long and 62mm wide, and of­fer 4.5 de­grees of an­gu­lar float [amount your heel can move when clipped in]. Op­tional red cleats al­low 9 de­grees, and Look’s black ones have no float at all. Wear in­di­cat­ing re­cesses on the cleats show when they need re­plac­ing.


The Keos hang per­fectly for fast en­gage­ment, the cleats’ rounded nose en­sur­ing they lo­cate im­me­di­ately and snap in to po­si­tion. They feel in­stantly se­cure, their 700mm sur­face area, topped with its 67mm wide stain­less steel plate pro­vides plenty to push against, and the re­lease feel is pos­i­tive.

The reck­on­ing

As a per­for­mance choice, the Keo is ex­cel­lent, and as sup­plied has suf­fi­cient re­lease ten­sion and neu­tral-feel­ing, self­cen­tring float to sat­isfy most rid­ers. Power trans­fer feels su­perb, with the sta­bil­ity of that wide plat­form giv­ing great con­fi­dence when out of the sad­dle. The only down­sides are the cleats, which can squeak if dirty, have a propen­sity to skid when walk­ing, and do show wear quickly.

WE SAY The XPro is func­tion­ally, biome­chan­i­cally and prac­ti­cally the best

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