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Like most pre­mium sun­glasses frames, the Davos uses Gri­malid plas­tic, in this in­stance TR-90. Gri­malid is a good choice for frames as this ny­lon­based poly­mer is in­cred­i­bly re­sis­tant to fa­tigue, so the wear of putting them on and off, fold­ing the arms and flexing the frame to switch the lenses means they won’t age and crack. The ma­te­rial is also re­sis­tant to stretch­ing so the fit shouldn’t get baggy over time ei­ther. The low mois­ture ab­sorp­tion and chem­i­cal re­sis­tance means the coloured frames shouldn’t stain from sweat, rain, sun­screen or even dirt and road grime.

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