Lie: Cy­clists are a strange bunch; we’ll tell any­one who’s will­ing to lis­ten how much we en­joy get­ting out on our bike(s). “It’s ex­hil­a­rat­ing”, “won­der­ful,” “it’s the only time I feel fully alive”. Yet, this is only part of the truth. The bit most cy­clists re­ally en­joy is the end of the ride, when we’ve over­come a chal­lenge, got o the bike and hob­bled home for a hot bath. For most of us, cy­cling is an ac­tiv­ity we en­joy ret­ro­spec­tively.

Tip: We’ve all had great (and ter­ri­ble) ex­pe­ri­ences in the sad­dle. There’s no shame in ad­mit­ting we en­joy sport once it’s over. Let’s be hon­est, it’s not easy, it leaves us tired, dazed and sore. Yet, time and again, we get back on our bikes. Why? Be­cause of the ex­hil­a­ra­tion that comes from com­plet­ing rides, de­spite how hard they can be. Be­ing vo­cal about th­ese love/hate feel­ings to­wards the sport will mean you’ll

nd rid­ers who feel the same way, cre­at­ing an in­stant sup­port net­work.

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