Lie: It would seem cy­clists are con­trac­tu­ally bound to tell ev­ery­one that we look ter­ri­ble in Ly­cra. We’ll an­nounce that it makes our bums look huge and our bits look tiny, but it’s the price we must pay for get­ting on a bike. This is a lie. Most of us se­cretly think that we look great in skintight cloth­ing. Say­ing we look ter­ri­ble is just part of the dance. It’s fully ex­pected to be coun­tered by peo­ple telling us we look great – as we (in re­al­ity) sus­pect we do. Yet, for some rea­son, this re­as­sur­ance rarely comes. Per­haps we need to send our friends to Spec­savers?

Tip: We can’t make you look good in Ly­cra, nor can we stop you from think­ing you do. It is pos­si­ble to look your best by wear­ing clothes that t you well. We’d ad­vise not buy­ing kit with­out try­ing it on rst, that way there are no un­wanted sur­prises. Equally, when you buy kit online, only do so if you’ve a clear idea of how that brand’s siz­ing re­lates to your body. If you think you look great in Ly­cra, be hon­est about it. We think we look amaz­ing…

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