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When Jen picked up her re­dun­dancy no­tice with one hand while cradling her new baby in the other, she was de­flated, stressed and up­set. But she wasn’t sur­prised. Are new mums still get­ting a raw deal in 2017?

Me­lanie Coben: Wow! In­ter­est­ing, did not re­alise that it was hap­pen­ing to so many women. I was made re­dun­dant while on ma­ter­nity leave. Have never been out of a job so was a huge shock & has been dif­fi­cult to get back into the work­force.

Jac­qui Stim­son: Yep, re­turned back to work af­ter ma­ter­nity leave and find­ing day­care, which was stress­ful, and six weeks later I was made re­dun­dant. I saw a so­lic­i­tor and I ended up with less money then orig­i­nally of­fered. I was of­fered the re­dun­dancy be­cause I had a baby. No one else was of­fered it even though I had worked there the long­est. I was happy to con­tinue work­ing. You have no rights if you de­cide to start a fam­ily and no one will help!

Greg Con­tor: This is not new. I have and still do work with some mar­vel­lous mums. The pres­sure of them work­ing while try­ing to nur­ture is enor­mous while at the same time in high-pri­or­ity jobs does it place an enor­mous strain on com­pa­nies.

Shelly Erick­son: I was put off two weeks af­ter I told my com­pany I was preg­nant – they had plans to send me trav­el­ling to dif­fer­ent points around QLD but let me go when I was 3 months’ preg­nant. This meant I missed out on gov­ern­ment ma­ter­nity leave pay, and I had worked since I was 16. Couldn’t get an­other job as I was preg­nant and show­ing. Was so up­set, and it put us in an aw­ful po­si­tion as there was no re­dun­dancy.

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