Watch your speed, watch the signs

There are worse things than a fine


MO­TORISTS are be­ing urged to be vig­i­lant when driv­ing through school zones and to abide by speed lim­its and road cross­ing rules now that school’s back in.

Act­ing Sergeant Maria McCul­lum said mem­bers of the Dalby Road Polic­ing Unit would step up pa­trols over the com­ing weeks while ev­ery­one set­tled into the new school year.

“We will be step­ping up pa­trols un­til ev­ery­one gets back into school mode and it will be con­tin­ual through­out the school year but cer­tainly this week there will be ad­di­tional en­force­ment.

“We’re re­mind­ing peo­ple to be ob­ser­vant of sig­nage and cross­ings; be aware that school cross­ings are dif­fer­ent.”

The pri­mary point of dif­fer­ence with school cross­ings is that mo­torists are re­quired to stop when pedes­tri­ans are wait­ing in the ap­proach area.

“The lol­ly­pop ladies are very good and... when we’re not there they do re­port cer­tain mo­torists to us,” Sgt McCal­lum said.

While ev­ery school zone is signed they are not uni­form across the state with times also vary­ing in Dalby.

“Dif­fer­ent signs do have dif­fer­ent times so be ob­ser­vant. It’s usu­ally 7–9am and 2–4pm but some are all day zones.”

Speed­ing and inat­ten­tion in school zones is the ma­jor con­cern for po­lice and Sgt McCal­lum said it was cru­cial peo­ple ob­served the 40km speed limit.

“It’s a busy time and there are kids every­where and at times they’re inat­ten­tive or they get ex­cited; it’s about be­ing a bit more aware and com­pli­ant,” she said.

Sgt McCal­lum said the con­se­quences of speed­ing through school zones was an in­fringe­ment no­tice at the very least.

“At worst it’s an ac­ci­dent or death,” she said.

“The speed limit is to do with your stop­ping and brak­ing dis­tance,” she said.

“Kids run out on the road or ride push bikes be­tween cars; you want enough time to break,” she said.

We will be step­ping up pa­trols un­til ev­ery­one gets back into school mode...

BACK TO SCHOOL: Act­ing Sergeant Maria McCal­lum is re­mind­ing driv­ers to drive care­fully in school zones.

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