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NUM­BERS dropped slightly at Dalby this week with the com­bined agents yard­ing a to­tal of 4786 head of cat­tle. Sup­ply was re­ceived from Pittsworth, Coo­yar, Tara, Cun­na­mulla, Goondi­windi, Ta­room, Wan­doan, Jackson, St Ge­orge, Miles, Kin­garoy, Millmer­ran, Chin­chilla, Pittsworth and the usual lo­cal sup­ply ar­eas. There was a good sup­ply of younger lines, while grown cat­tle sup­ply was down slightly.

Some good runs of well-bred light to medium weight year­lings were up for of­fer along with sev­eral lots of heavy weight over 400kg yarded. Qual­ity was var­ied with most cat­e­gories rep­re­sented.

Light re-stocker cat­tle met strong de­mand with vealer steers sell­ing to 422c/kg with heifer veal­ers top­ping 352c/kg.

Feeder steers held firm, medium weights topped at 361c/kg with heavy feed­ers mak­ing to 336c/kg. Year­ling heifers lost ground to be down by 10c/kg on some classes. Grown steers lost ground this week with the younger por­tion least af­fected.

Good heavy cows sold to 255.2ckg and good heavy bulls made to 270.2c/kg.

Calves sold from $180 to $660. Cows and Calves sold for $725 to $1750.

Bulls sold be­tween 150.2c/kg to 270.2c/kg.

Cows sold be­tween 68.2c/kg to 255.2c/kg.

Heifers sold be­tween (in­cludes Year­ling) 82.2c/kg to 362.2c/kg. Steers sold be­tween (in­cludes Year­ling) 100c/kg to 422.2c/kg. Year­ling Bulls sold be­tween 140c/kg to 402.2c/kg.

Here­ford Steers sold for 297.2c/kg to weigh 687kg to re­turn $2041.76/head. Angus Steers sold for 312.2c/kg to weigh 540kg to re­turn $1685.88/ head.

Drought­mas­ter Steers sold for 312.2c/kg to weigh 613.5kg to re­turn $1915.35/head. Drought­mas­ter Steers sold for 330.2c/kg to weigh 495.6kg to re­turn $1636.32/head.

Charo­lais X Steers sold for 359.2c/kg to weigh 388kg to re­turn $1393.70/head.

Charo­lais Steers sold for 315.2c/kg to weigh 595kg to re­turn $1875.44/head. Angus Steers sold for 361.2c/kg to weigh 340kg to re­turn $1228.08/head. Li­mousin Steers sold for 299.2c/kg to weigh 630kg to re­turn $1884.96/head. Angus Steers sold for 284.2c/kg to weigh 845kg to re­turn $2401.49/head. Santa Bulls sold for 245.2c/kg to weigh 970kg to re­turn $2378.44/head.

Li­mousin Bulls sold for 270c/kg to weigh 875kg to re­turn $2362.50/head.

Li­mousin Cows sold for 255.2c/kg to weigh 755kg to re­turn $1926.76/head. Santa Feeder Steers sold for 369.2c/kg to weigh 342.2kg to re­turn $1263.36/head.

Santa X Cows sold for 246.2c/kg to weigh 648.3kg to re­turn $1596.20/head.

Charo­lais Bulls sold for 270.2c/kg to weigh 960kg to re­turn $2593.92/head.

Shorthorn Bulls sold for 249.2c/kg to weigh 875kg to re­turn $2180.50/head. Charo­lais Steers sold for 314c/kg to weigh 666.3kg to re­turn $2092.03/head.

Charo­lais Cows sold for 245.2c/kg to weigh 645kg to re­turn $1581.54/head. Here­ford Bulls sold for 244.2c/kg to weigh 800kg to re­turn $1953.60/head. Here­ford Cows sold for 245c/kg to weigh 735kg to re­turn $1800.75/head. Li­mousin x Steers sold for 368.2c/kg to weigh 327.9kg to re­turn $1207.17/head.


RU­RAL SUN­SET: Me­gan Stal­lan-Vizer cap­tured this Warra sun­set last month.

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