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CONTINUOUS dry weather led to in­creased num­bers at Dalby, with com­bined agents yard­ing a to­tal of 5328 head of cat­tle. The qual­ity was widely var­ied. Ex­port buyer at­ten­dance was down from pre­vi­ous week’s sales, with a fair panel of feeder buy­ers present along with added sup­port from ad­di­tional in­ter­state re-stock­ers in the young cat­tle sec­tion. Most cat­e­gories sold to a cheaper trend. Light­weight year­ling steers re­turn­ing to the pad­dock could not main­tain prices from the last sale and lost to 14c/kg while mixed qual­ity medium and heavy­weight year­ling steers to feed lost be­tween 10 to 20c/kg. Light­weight heifers re­turn­ing to the pad­dock lost 13c/kg and medium weights fell up to 17c/kg. Heavy grown steers and bul­locks sold close to last week’s level. Plain con­di­tion cows sold to a firm mar­ket with bet­ter end of the cows los­ing 9 to 13c/kg. Steers calves sold to 358.2c/kg, with light­weight year­ling steers sold to re-stock­ers up to 343.2c/kg. Medium weight sold to 312.2c/kg with heavy weights mak­ing to 285c/kg. Light­weight year­ling heifers made to 286.2c/kg with medium weight mak­ing to 280.2c/kg. Grown steers to ex­port slaugh­ter av­er­aged 266c/kg with bul­lock por­tion mak­ing to 273.2c/kg. Plain con­di­tion cows made to 207.2c/kg, medium weight 2 score cows made to 195.2c/kg with medium weights to 212c/kg. Good heavy cows sold to 211.2c/kg and good heavy bulls made to 278.2c/kg. Calves sold from $80–$450, cows and calves $1260–$1500, heavy bulls sold to 278.2c/kg, heavy cows sold to 211.2c/kg, heifers in­clud­ing year­ling sold to 286.2c/kg, steers in­clud­ing year­lings sold to 342.2c/kg, year­ling bulls sold to 314.2c/kg. An­gus bulls sold for 225.2c/kg to weigh 1080kg to re­turn $2432.16/head. An­gus X cows sold for 205.2c/kg to weigh 715kg to re­turn $1467.18/head. An­gus steers sold for 290.2c/kg to weigh 335.5kg to re­turn $973.49/head. An­gus bulls sold for 246.2c/kg to weigh 1120kg to re­turn $2757.44/ head. An­gus cows sold for 209.2c/kg to weigh 645kg to re­turn $1349.34/head. An­gus X steers sold for 273.2c/kg to weigh 711.3kg to re­turn $1943.14/head. An­gus steers sold for 273.2c/kg to weigh 680kg to re­turn $1857.76/head. Santa X cows sold for 207.2c/kg to weigh 568.8kg to re­turn $1249.28/head. Here­ford steers sold for 272.2c/kg to weigh 630kg to re­turn $1714.86/head. Here­ford bull sold for 242.2c/kg to weigh 1105kg to re­turn $2676.31/head. Here­ford X steers sold for 302.2c/kg to weigh 393kg to re­turn $1187.65/head. Santa bulls sold for 244.2c/kg to weigh 1085kg to re­turn $2649.57/head. Charo­lais bull sold for 278.2c/kg to weigh 1115kg to re­turn $3101.93/head. Li­mousin X heifers sold for 272.2c/kg to weigh 438.8kg to re­turn $1194.28/head.

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