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NUM­BERS slightly in­creased at Dalby this week with the com­bined agents yarding a to­tal of 4496 head of cat­tle. Over­all qual­ity was once again fairly mixed, with a large con­tin­gent of year­ling heifers up for of­fer. Buyer at­ten­dance was well rep­re­sented, with ex­tra sup­port in the year­ling sec­tion from added in­ter­state re-stock­ers.

Steers calves to the pad­dock ex­pe­ri­enced some im­prove­ment in price, with medium weights selling to a firmer mar­ket with the heavy weights im­prov­ing 4-5c/kg. Light­weight heifers sold to strong de­mand while medium weights fell by 6c/kg. Heavy grown steers and bul­locks also ex­pe­ri­enced this down­turn to lose 1-2c/kg.

Cows ex­pe­ri­enced a mixed trend with PTIC im­prov­ing in price, how­ever, slaugh­ter lines fell 5-10c/kg. Well-bred steers calves sold to 400.2c/kg, light­weight year­ling steers made to 360c/kg.

Medium weight made to 296.2c/kg with heavy weights made to 285c/kg. Light­weight year­ling heifers were well sup­plied selling to 298.2c/kg.

A line of well bred year­ling heifers sold to 306.2c/kg, with medium weights selling to 270.2c/kg.

Heavy grown steers to ex­port slaugh­ter made to 271.2c/kg with bul­locks mak­ing to 273.2c/kg. Medium weight PTIC cows made to 226.2c/kg, two score cows made to 191.2c/kg.

Heavy cows sold to 216.2c/kg with heavy bulls mak­ing to 263.2c/kg. Calves sold from $130 to $340. Cows and calves $640 to $1460. Heavy bulls sold to 263.2c/kg. Heavy cows sold to 216.2c/kg. Heifers in­clud­ing year­lings sold to 306.2c/kg.

Steers in­clud­ing year­lings sold to 400.2c/kg.

Year­ling bulls sold to 360.2c/kg. Charo­lais bulls sold for 263.2c/kg to weigh 1080kg to re­turn $2842.56/head.

Char­bray cows sold for 212c/kg to weigh 702.5kg to re­turn $1489.30/head.

Here­ford steers sold for 250c/kg to weigh 735kg to re­turn $1837.50/head. Santa steers sold for 296.2c/kg to weigh 373.6kg to re­turn $1106.52/head.

Charo­lais x heifers sold for 247.2c/kg to weigh 537.5kg to re­turn $1328.70/head.

An­gus x heifers sold for 245.2c/kg to weigh 245.2kg to re­turn $1553.96/head.

Charo­lais steers sold for 273.2c/kg to weigh 662.5kg to re­turn $1809.95/head.

Charo­lais bulls sold for 247.2c/kg to weigh 1020kg to re­turn $2521.44/head. An­gus bulls sold for 245.2c/kg to weigh 1050kg to re­turn $2574.60/head. Drought­mas­ter x steers sold for 263.2c/kg to weigh 765kg to re­turn $2013.48/head.

Charo­lais cows sold for 216.2c/kg to weigh 800kg to re­turn $1729.60/head. An­gus x steers sold for 262.2c/kg to weigh 670kg to re­turn $1756.74/head. Bran­gus bull sold for 236.2c/kg to weigh 995kg to re­turn $2350.19/head.

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