‘Be­cause it’s al­ways been done that way, that’s why’

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A STORY is told of a young lady who bought a lamb roast for Christ­mas. The first thing she did when she got it home was cut the end off of it. Her daugh­ter was watch­ing what she was do­ing and cu­ri­ously asked, “Why do you cut the end off of the lamb, Mummy?”

The mother thought for a mo­ment and replied, “Well, my mother did it and my grand­mother did the same thing.”

The next time that the young girl vis­ited her great grand­mother, she asked her why she cut the end off of the lamb roast be­fore she put it in the oven.

“Well, Sweety,” the grand­mother ex­plained, “my oven is only small and a full roast wouldn’t fit in prop­erly. So, I would cut the end off so that it would fit in.”

Isn’t it funny how some­times we pick up habits and tra­di­tions along the way with­out re­ally ques­tion­ing why we do them.

They can in­flu­ence our ac­tions and be­liefs. Some­times we even be­lieve them to be true and right. When oth­ers ques­tion our mo­ti­va­tion, we may strug­gle to pro­duce an ap­pro­pri­ate an­swer. We may even be of­fended that some­one would ques­tion us.

It’s im­por­tant for us to fre­quently ex­am­ine our­selves and en­sure that our ac­tions and be­liefs match what the Bi­ble teaches us.

1 Thes­sa­lo­ni­ans 5:21 tells us, “Test ev­ery­thing. Hold on to the good.” If we do not test our be­liefs against the Bi­ble, we may be per­pet­u­at­ing hu­man tra­di­tions and be­liefs rather than God-or­dained doc­trine, cul­tural shifts rather than Bib­li­cal moral­ity.

We need to pray for the Holy Spirit to guide us that we will be led into all truth.

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