The Preda­tor not what you’d ex­pect

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THE first en­try in the Preda­tor fran­chise in al­most a decade is a solid action romp that’s even kind of … goofy?

If you’re look­ing to be heart-thump­ingly scared with slow stalk­ing shots or be cowed by the pres­ence of a ter­ri­fy­ing mon­ster, The Preda­tor isn’t that movie.

The action kicks off straight away with a preda­tor crash land­ing in the mid­dle of an Amer­i­can oper­a­tion against some Mex­i­can drug lords.

US Army Ranger sniper Quinn McKenna (Boyd Hol­brook) is the only per­son to sur­vive the ini­tial con­tact and he pil­fers some alien gear, mail­ing it back to the US “as proof”.

A few months later, evo­lu­tion­ary bi­ol­o­gist Dr Casey Brack­ett (Olivia Munn) is brought to a gov­ern­ment fa­cil­ity by gov­ern­ment agent Will Trae­gar (Ster­ling K Brown), where the au­thor­i­ties have cap­tured the preda­tor.

Strapped down on an exam ta­ble, sur­rounded by peo­ple in white lab coats, the preda­tor is some­how ac­ti­vated and es­capes in a bloody ram­page.

Just out­side, Quinn is thrown into a mil­i­tary prison trans­port with a group of other highly trained but volatile re­jects

with names like Ne­braska (Moon­light’s Tre­vante Rhodes), Coyle (Kee­gan-Michael Key), Bax­ley (Thomas Jane), Lynch (Al­fie Allen) and Net­tles (Au­gusto Aguil­era).

Soon, this rag­tag group of dis­af­fected sol­diers and the per­pet­u­ally frus­trated Dr Brack­ett are the only ones who can stop the preda­tors from killing Quinn’s son, while try­ing to keep the ne­far­i­ous gov­ern­ment agents on their tail from putting a bul­let in their eyes.

As far as the story goes, it’s kind of lu­di­crous and the fi­nal act is still a bit baf­fling de­spite ex­ten­sive last-minute re-shoots af­ter the orig­i­nal tested badly.

But The Preda­tor re­ally isn’t about the story, and it’s barely about the char­ac­ters.

It’s taken a lot of its cues from the orig­i­nal 1987 movie and keeps its fo­cus pri­mar­ily on the propul­sive action set pieces, which are pretty cap­ti­vat­ing.


ACTION: Olivia Munn and Boyd Hol­brook in a scene from the movie The Preda­tor.

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