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A sparkie by trade, Tommy O’Con­nell has spent around half of his life in trucks. For the show he brought along a 1977 Ford Louisville.

“I’ve al­ways owned a truck while work­ing as an elec­tri­cian,” Tommy ex­plains.

“My fam­ily has a his­tory in trucks. When we were kids, dad had Com­mer Knock­ers and then petrol Com­mers, and then he bought MANs.

“I find the Louisvilles very at­trac­tive both to look at and live in.”

Tommy did in­ter­state in the early ’80s and says he can’t re­mem­ber see­ing many Ken­worths on the road in those days.

“Now they are ev­ery­where, but a lot of Fords burnt,” he ex­plains.

“There is a lit­tle vent on top of the dash; it’s the right size for a box of matches.

“What hap­pens is the matches find their way down to the heater speed coil, they set fire to the plas­tic and up she goes.

“In the ’80s old Fords would be on the side of the road ev­ery­where!”

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