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A cou­ple of kilo­me­tres in a cou­ple of trucks can’t tell you much. Or can it? De­spite many decades of driv­ing trucks of all shapes and sizes, I can prob­a­bly count on one hand the num­ber of times I’ve driven a con­crete ag­i­ta­tor. And un­til now, I’d never driven a 10x4 ver­sion.

Still, I was keen to grab the offer of a stint be­hind the wheel, first in a stan­dard 10-wheeler and im­me­di­ately af­ter, one of the lat­est ‘low pro­file’ de­signs.

With eight cu­bic me­tres of ‘mud’ rolling around be­hind, the stan­dard unit cer­tainly felt top heavy as it was se­dately guided around sub­ur­ban streets laced with traf­fic, traf­fic lights and round­abouts. Even so, it was noth­ing a bit of care couldn’t counter.

Ten min­utes later, at a big con­struc­tion site where two pumpers were work­ing full throt­tle, I hap­pily stepped out to let the truck’s usual driver do the un­load­ing. That done, I climbed back in and drove the un­laden truck back to the plant. No dra­mas, but still a dis­tinct lean at ev­ery turn.

Then it was time to climb into the new truck with an­other eight cu­bic me­tres of con­crete headed for the same site.

The dif­fer­ence was no­tice­able at the first cor­ner. Where the pre­vi­ous truck tended to lean lazily around cor­ners and round­abouts, the newer truck sat pro­foundly flat­ter and firmer. Most sur­pris­ing though, the im­proved behaviour was equally ev­i­dent with and with­out a load. There is, of course, still some lean but noth­ing as pro­nounced as the older de­sign.

It’s a def­i­nite thumbs up. Like I said, I know very lit­tle about ag­i­ta­tors, but I do know the dif­fer­ence be­tween trucks that stand up straight and those that don’t.

Above: Even in short stints be­hind the wheel, the dif­fer­ence in sta­bil­ity be­tween old and new (pic­tured) de­signs was en­tirely ev­i­dent

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