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• HEIR­LOOM TOMA­TOES Com­mer­cial toma­toes have tougher skins, uni­for­mity of colour and shape, and im­proved stor­age and trans­port life, whereas heir­loom va­ri­eties of­fer a range of flavour and colour, from the meaty ‘yel­low ox­heart’ to the bright ‘green ze­bra’.

• ENGLISH SPINACH “Spinach has been for­got­ten and over­looked, but I love it,” says Ver­heul, who rec­om­mends it lightly cooked – blanched for just two sec­onds, then re­freshed in iced wa­ter.

• KING PRAWNS of­fer an in­tensely sweet yet savoury but­ter char­ac­ter, and rich moist flesh. Eastern and Western va­ri­eties peak from late sum­mer to early win­ter.

• PAS­SION­FRUIT These vine fruit are na­tive to South Amer­ica. There are more than 550 va­ri­eties, and their ap­pear­ance varies from yel­low to dark pur­ple, which is the most com­mon type in Aus­tralia.

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