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23/ 4 ti­ta­nium-strength gela­tine leaves 210ml thick­ened cream 320g white choco­late, finely chopped 240g Greek yo­ghurt

Pre­heat oven to 180°C. Grease base and side of a 25.5cm spring­form cake pan and line with bak­ing pa­per. To make base, whiz al­mond meal, but­ter, caster sugar and a pinch of salt flakes in a food pro­ces­sor un­til well com­bined. Press into base of pre­pared pan and bake for 16 min­utes or un­til golden. Set aside to cool com­pletely. To make ri­cotta layer, com­bine 2 tsp chamomile with 1/3 cup (80ml) boil­ing wa­ter in a heat­proof bowl and stand for 10 min­utes to in­fuse. Soak gela­tine in cold wa­ter for 5 min­utes to soften. Mean­while, whiz ic­ing sugar and re­main­ing 2 tbs chamomile in cleaned food pro­ces­sor un­til finely ground. Add ri­cotta, le­mon zest and juice, whiz un­til com­bined. Squeeze ex­cess liq­uid from gela­tine, add to hot chamomile mix­ture and stir to dis­solve. Strain gela­tine mix­ture into ri­cotta mix­ture and pulse un­til com­bined. Strain ri­cotta mix­ture through a fine sieve into a bowl and fold through mas­car­pone and cream. Pour ri­cotta mix­ture over cooled base and spread evenly. Chill for 1 hour to firm slightly.

For white choco­late layer, soak gela­tine in cold wa­ter for 5 min­utes to soften. Place cream in a saucepan over high heat and cook un­til hot (do not bring to the boil). Squeeze ex­cess liq­uid from gela­tine, add to cream, stir to dis­solve. Place choco­late in a heat­proof bowl, pour over hot cream, whisk un­til smooth. Whisk through yo­ghurt un­til com­bined, then spread over ri­cotta layer and chill for 3 hours or overnight un­til set. Trans­fer to a serv­ing plat­ter and scat­ter with ex­tra chamomile to serve.

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