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Suf­fer­ing with sea­sonal

al­ler­gies? You can fight back with­out reach­ing for a pack of an­ti­his­tamines by:

• Us­ing a saline nasal spray. By phys­i­cally clean­ing the nasal pas­sages, as well as re­mov­ing hay-fever trig­gers such as pollen and dust, you can re­duce your symptoms by 27 per cent and the need to take allergy med­i­ca­tion by 62 per cent.

• Tak­ing a pine bark supplement. As well as re­duc­ing your hay-fever symptoms, py­c­nogenol

(the ac­tive sub­stance in pine bark sup­ple­ments) re­duces the need for a top-up with an­ti­his­tamines by 75 per

cent. For the best re­sults, look to take a supplement that con­tains at least 50mg of py­c­nogenol twice a day.

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