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A few words or syl­la­bles to re­peat while med­i­tat­ing, ei­ther silently or aloud. It’s meant to in­spire and keep the mind from wan­der­ing – sim­i­lar to an af­fir­ma­tion.


(NAH-meh-stay) Much like “aloha” in Hawai­ian cul­ture, this word has come to have many mean­ings, in­clud­ing hello, good­bye and thank you.


A sound meant to sig­nify the hum of the uni­verse – a chant­ing sta­ple.


Also known as corpse pose, this is a deep re­lax­ation pose in which your body is com­pletely free of ten­sion, which al­lows all the ben­e­fits of the yoga to take ef­fect.


Your in­struc­tor will say “sit on your sitz bones”, which means to sup­port your­self by con­nect­ing with the two bony pro­tru­sions in your butt.


A se­quence of asanas in­clud­ing moun­tain pose, stand­ing for­ward bend, lunge, plank pose, chat­u­ranga, up­ward-fac­ing dog, and down­ward-fac­ing dog.


(tah-DAHS-anna) Also known as moun­tain pose, this is the start­ing po­si­tion for all stand­ing poses. Stand with your feet par­al­lel and as close to­gether as is com­fort­able. Firm your thigh mus­cles, lift the top of your head to­wards the ceil­ing and hang your arms by your side.

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