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Use Pho­to­shop to trans­form pho­tos into stylish, painterly scenes with this arty tech­nique. Al­though it looks com­plex, it’s sur­pris­ingly easy to achieve…

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Our edit­ing pro shares a tech­nique for cre­at­ing im­pres­sion­ist im­ages

One of the most ap­peal­ing parts of dig­i­tal imag­ing is it al­lows you to freely ex­plore the po­ten­tial in a pic­ture.

Some­times this is ob­vi­ous, as you al­ready have your mind set on the jour­ney you want to take it on. But other times, a new idea can spark a com­pletely unique treat­ment for an im­age – and the one we’re about to cover will take your shots in an en­tirely new di­rec­tion.

The re­sult of this project is some­where be­tween a photo and a piece of fine art, and there’s tons of flex­i­bil­ity built in to al­low you to re­ally get ex­pres­sive. Just like a gen­uine piece of hand-crafted art, you’ll get a dif­fer­ent fin­ish ev­ery time you do it – so even when you use the same base im­age, each at­tempt will have a dif­fer­ent feel and flavour. The tech­nique works on all kinds of dif­fer­ent pic­tures, but the best re­sults will be ob­tained from those with strong shapes and vi­brant colours.

The good news is that, pro­vided you have these bases cov­ered, it doesn’t mat­ter too much what you’ve cap­tured the im­age on. Be­cause the res­o­lu­tion is dis­guised by the arty ef­fect, you can get a great re­sult whether you shoot on a pro-spec DSLR, a com­pact or even a smart­phone.

When you come to print your im­age, why not try us­ing a tex­tured, heavy­weight fine-art paper to get a great fin­ish? The tex­tured sur­face of the paper will blend with the dig­i­tal tex­ture you’ve cre­ated in your im­age, and will make the arty ef­fect all the more au­then­tic.

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