es­en­tial con­trols

Dis­cover the key camera set­tings that en­able you to set and over­ride the me­ter­ing sys­tem

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ME­TER­ING MODE Pat­tern me­ter­ing is set by de­fault in the au­to­matic or scene modes. To change the me­ter­ing mode, you need to be in the semi-au­to­matic or man­ual ex­po­sure modes.


HISTOGRAM Don’t trust the im­age on the rear screen – use the

play­back histogram to help judge the ex­po­sure more ac­cu­rately. In Live View mode, you’ll be able to call up a real-time histogram too.


COM­PEN­SA­TION You can use ex­po­sure com­pen­sa­tion to cor­rect ex­po­sure prob­lems. (See the op­po­site page.) Some cam­eras let you dial this in directly; oth­ers re­quire a but­ton press first.


DYNAMIC RANGE Your camera might not be able to hold de­tail through­out the scene if the dif­fer­ence be­tween the high­lights and shad­ows is ex­treme, such as in strongly back­lit shots like this one.

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