Fix old fam­ily photos

Digi­tise your old fam­ily pho­to­graphs and give them that much-needed re­pair job with the help of Pho­to­shop

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By digi­tis­ing your old pho­to­graphs, you can give them a whole new lease of life! Take this image, which was orginally shot in the late 1930s. The sur­round­ing frame has be­come dam­aged and the image has a few scratches and faded. To fix this, we used a few sim­ple tricks in Pho­to­shop and man­aged to boost the over­all ef­fect.

When it comes to scan­ning in your old trea­sured pho­to­graphs, a flatbed scan­ner will do the job. We scanned our image in at a res­o­lu­tion of 300 dots per inch be­cause we wanted to make prints of the scanned photo, but if you in­tend to view the image on-screen, a res­o­lu­tion of 72 or 96dpi is suf­fi­cient. The higher the res­o­lu­tion you choose, the larger the re­sult­ing file will be – and if you don’t have a pow­er­ful com­puter, it will take much longer to work on in Pho­to­shop. This can be frus­trat­ing – some­times more isn’t nec­es­sar­ily bet­ter!

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