1 Com­press the colour

Use your tele­photo lens to squeeze the max­i­mum amount of colour into the frame

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Colour is the essence of sum­mer, and is there­fore a key theme to your images at home or abroad. The trick is es­sen­tially a sim­ple one: you use the long­est tele­photo set­ting that you have avail­able in your kit bag to squeeze colour­ful ob­jects into one image.

It’s a tech­nique that works par­tic­u­larly well in a cot­tage gar­den – let­ting you see the lay­ers of colour that the flow­ers pro­vide in one frame, with­out hav­ing to show the lawns, paths and other dis­trac­tions that a wide-an­gle lens would force you to in­clude. Sim­i­larly, with a field of pop­pies this per­spec­tive en­sures that the large gaps be­tween blooms are not made ap­par­ent. When trav­el­ling, it proves a great tech­nique for use in mar­kets – com­press­ing the ex­otic piles of fruit or pot­tery into a colour­ful com­po­si­tion.

Pick your spot

You need to en­sure that you fo­cus on the right point in your frame, how­ever. With a tele­photo, you will not get every­thing in fo­cus, so don’t even try to max­imise sharp­ness with a small i aperture. Let parts of the image blur out. But make sure that you pick the best-look­ing flower in the field as the one that’s in fo­cus: this will be the one thing that is spotlit by this tech­nique.

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