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The Nikon D500 tends to­wards un­der­ex­po­sure in high-con­trast scenes con­tain­ing over­cast skies, while the Fu­ji­film X-H1’s re­sults are lighter and less likely to need ad­just­ment.


Although the D500 scored higher when shoot­ing lab charts, in real-world shoot­ing the dif­fer­ences are hard to spot – if any­thing, the X-H1 cap­tures slightly bet­ter de­fined tex­tu­ral de­tail.


The Nikon D500 of­fers higher ISO set­tings, but these two shots taken at ISO 25,600 show the Fu­ji­film X-H1 is at least as good up to this point. Be­yond that, the D500’s qual­ity de­grades fast.


The D500’s op­ti­cal viewfinder made it much eas­ier to fol­low fast-mov­ing sub­jects, but the two cam­eras’ aut­o­fo­cus sys­tems proved equally ca­pa­ble with var­i­ous types of sub­ject move­ment.

Nikon D500

Fu­ji­film X-H1

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