It’s a style sta­ple, but what about stretch skinny, her­itage washes and that whacky freezer trick? Denim ex­pert Matt Scott helps you cul­ti­vate the best jeans.

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Matt Young meets the denim guru.

DENIM HAS COME OUT of t he high-end closet, tear­ing up in­ter­na­tional cat­walks at t he Spring/Sum­mer 2015 men’s fash­ion shows. And while we all wear denim, do we all wear it well? The Glue store’s Matt Scott ce­mented his love af­fair when he wore denim 365 days in a row for a chil­dren’s char­ity. No mat­ter where or what t he weather, he rocked a pair of Den­ham 14-ounce Ja­panese denim jeans around t he clock. If any­one is an ex­pert, it’s t his dude. Here are his top tips and tricks to keep your denim look­ing down­right de­li­cious. DNA: Is it true you shouldn’t wash your denim for the first six months, or at all? Matt Scott: Denim is an amaz­ing fab­ric in that it ac­tu­ally gets bet­ter the more you wear it. Think of your indigo jeans as a blank can­vas. As you wear them in the fab­ric will fade de­pend­ing on how you live your life, be­com­ing a true ref lec­tion of the wearer. The longer you hold off from wash­ing your jeans, the more strik­ing your denim fades will be – the holy grail of denim afi­ciona­dos. If you’re not wash­ing your jeans, how can you get the worn smell out of them? I’ve heard stick­ing your jeans in a freezer works? The freezer trick is an in­ter­est­ing one, un­for­tu­nately this doesn’t re­ally do the

job. the germs, Freez­ing mean­ing your jeans once will you only thaw hi­ber­nate them out, the for 365 smell days still straight re­mains. for When the Jeans I wore For my Genes jeans char­ity, called Mr my Black saviour Denim was Re­fresh an Aus­tralian – a spe­cially prod­uct for­mu­lated the germs, leav­ing anti-bac­te­rial them smelling denim spray; fresh! it kills Once and for all: dou­ble denim. Should we go there?

denim so I have [Laughs] to say yes. I’m If wear­ing you are dou­ble go­ing to rock ex­am­ple, dou­ble raw denim, dark indigo use dif­fer­ent jeans with washes. a light For denim shirt looks bet­ter than the all-blue “Cana­dian tuxedo” look. Her­itage denim is a big trend through win­ter so denim shirts and jack­ets will be pop­u­lar.

White denim: do or don’t? There has been a solid resur­gence for white denim over re­cent months, par­tic­u­larly in Europe. Try and team your white denim with a dark shirt to give the look a con­trast.

Stretch jeans for men: right or wrong? If you like wear­ing skinny jeans then stretch isn’t just right, it’s es­sen­tial! An el­e­ment of stretch in the fab­ric will give you that range of mo­tion while the denim fits snug. Skinny jeans are still rel­e­vant and re­main as pop­u­lar as they have been over the last five years. How long should a good pair of jeans

last? A good qual­ity jean should last you a life­time. It all de­pends on how hard you wear your jeans. If you’re an ev­ery­day wearer do­ing a lot of man­ual work, you may not get the same longevity. Try not to be cau­tious with your jeans, they are work-wear af­ter all, so em­brace the rips and tears! Fill in the gap. When you need a break from denim jeans, reach for the _____. Chi­nos. Denim jeans are the ul­ti­mate ev­ery­day gar­ment, but if you’re look­ing for a change, go for a pair of chi­nos. The softer twill gives the pants a unique feel plus dif­fer­ent fab­ric weights mean there are op­tions for sum­mer and win­ter. What are your pre­dic­tions for up­com­ing

menswear denim trends? Her­itage denim washes are a big trend for win­ter. The ta­pered f it, which has room in the thigh but slim­mer on the an­kle, be­comes more and more rel­e­vant and is one of the most f lat­ter­ing f its for a guy. Look out as well for vari­a­tions of black denim with sub­tle washes and coat­ings, even grey jeans com­ing through.

What are men’s denim essen­tials? Ev­ery guy should have at least three jeans in his wardrobe: a black, indigo and a washed jean. With th­ese essen­tials you are cov­ered for all oc­ca­sions. I love to rec­om­mend guys get­ting into a raw, indigo, sel­vage jean and go­ing on a true denim jour­ney, wear­ing them in and see­ing the unique fade take place.

"The longer you hold off from wash­ing your jeans, the more strik­ing your denim fades will be – the holy grail of denim afi­ciona­dos."

Den­ham Up­grader GFS Jean in Washed Denim, $229.99 (washed); Den­ham Ra­zor Jean in Denim (3 Year Wash) $249.99 (washed) ; Den­ham Pa­trol Jeans in SG Black, $199.99 (black) glue­

GANT OZ Jean a clas­sic wash jean slightly faded with gold stitch­ing to add ex­tra char­ac­ter. $299.00; GANT indigo denim dark washed longsleeve shirt, $199

GANT Rug­ger Stick Boy Raw jean, $239

Top: short-sleeve nau­ti­cal print denim shirt. Mid­dle: Mavi Mar­cus Deep Brushed and Vin­tage denim jeans. Above: Guess Dil­lon Jacket, $149.95,

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