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Dear Diva, My boyfriend has been a bit dis­tant re­cently and I started hav­ing sus­pi­cions he was cheat­ing on me. I’ve also found t hat he’s been on Grindr and Hor­net. He told me he wouldn’t cheat but I don’t know if I can t rust him. If I make a big deal of t his I feel he’ll re­sent me.

Dear Sus­pi­cious, News flash! No-one’s on Grindr to trade ap­ple pie recipes or share dec­o­rat­ing tips. Your man is on there look­ing for ass. If you don’t like his rov­ing eye you don’t have to tol­er­ate it. Move on. Never com­pro­mise your hap­pi­ness for that of an­other. #KEEPITREAL.

Dear Diva, My boyfriend shares too much in­for­ma­tion on Face­book. He posts ev­ery­thing he does ev­ery day. We had an ar­gu­ment last week and he posted about it on Face­book. I was liv id. Some of our friends were post­ing com­ments. I be­lieve cer­tain t hings should re­main pri­vate. I love him, but I’m so an­gry with him and re­ally want him to stop do­ing t his.

Dear Face­book F**ked, I get your anger. I don’t like over shar­ing on so­cial me­dia. Bitches feel the need to tell you what they ate for break­fast, when they shit, when they fuck! Too much! You need to have a se­ri­ous con­ver­sa­tion with your man. Your pri­vate dis­cus­sions and dis­agree­ments should not be shared with the world. Re­mind him he’s not Kim Kar­dashian.

Dear Diva, I found out t hat my boyfriend spent t ime in jail 15 years ago. I was up­set to hear t his f rom one of his friends and not from him. I’m not sure if we can get past t his.

Dear Pris­oner Of Love, Bitch, please! First up, let him know that you are aware of his past and it both­ers you that he didn’t tell you. Re­la­tion­ships are about open­ness and trust. But don’t fuck up a good re­la­tion­ship over some shit that hap­pened so long ago. He made an er­ror in judg­ment. We all make mis­takes. You are not per­fect and you don’t piss cham­pagne. Okay, if he’s a con­victed se­rial killer get the fuck away im­me­di­ately. If this is not the case, I wouldn’t let it come be­tween you.

Dear Diva, My t wo best friends have been hang­ing out lately and not in­clud­ing me in t heir plans. We all at­tended col­lege to­gether and have al­ways been close. I’m not sure why t hey are ex­clud­ing me.

Dear Re­jected, You need to call th­ese bitches and ask them why they are no longer invit­ing you to hang out with them. Clear the air. Don’t let this shit fes­ter. If you don’t ask, you will never know.

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