Flame-haired Re­nate is bring­ing an­drog­yny back to the charts… when she’s not knit­ting! In­ter­view by Marc An­drews.

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DNA: Please in­tro­duce your­self to our read­ers. Re­nate: My name is Re­nate, I am 34 springs young, cur­rently liv­ing and play­ing in Swe­den.

You’re a one-name artist like Madonna and Cher. Why join the diva club?

[Laughs.] Be­cause there is just no other way! I’m a one-woman show. I don’t like to be de­pen­dent on any­one that might not vibe the same way. I need ul­ti­mate freedom to cre­ate.

Your mu­sic is darkly de­li­cious and elec­tronic. How would you de­scribe it?

[Laughs.] I think you just did, thank you! The dark will al­ways fol­low me. I find so much beauty and in­spi­ra­tion there. The elec­tronic sound­scapes make my body vi­brate on high lev­els and plays well with my synes­the­sia.

Who were your mu­si­cal he­roes grow­ing up?

The King Of Pop, Michael Jack­son, was my first crush and idol. Madonna, Sir El­ton John and Queen were also there. A lit­tle later, Lady Gaga. I will never grow up!

Just like Frida from ABBA, you moved from Nor­way to Swe­den…

Ah, yes, Frida. What a woman! ABBA is linked to ev­ery­thing re­ally. Ge­niuses. It is part of the very fab­ric of this country. Hear­ing them sing in per­fect harmony blows my mind ev­ery time.

Swe­den punches above its weight in mu­si­cal terms. How come?

From what I have learned, Swedes get ac­cess to mu­sic and in­stru­ments through school. Hav­ing a band is ba­si­cally manda­tory. I was very sur­prised by how sat­u­rated they are with love for mu­sic, and their knowl­edge of mu­sic. It’s as­ton­ish­ing.

We see a few sim­i­lar­i­ties be­tween you and Robyn. That’s a good thing, too.

Oh, Robyn! I am a big fan and sang Danc­ing On My Own on stage for the first time. She means a lot to me – what a pow­er­plant! So much re­spect.

Is in­ter­na­tional domination part of your ca­reer plan?

Who wouldn’t mind a lit­tle world domination? But what does it re­ally mean to­day? We are in a time where mu­sic can find its own way, but at the same time it’s harder to push through the noise. I just want the right peo­ple to find joy in it. That’s the main plan.

Are we likely to see you in TV or movies? [Laughs.] Got any con­tacts? Not that I know of, but I have a feel­ing some­thing will show up.

What do you do when you’re not mak­ing mu­sic?

I work as a graphic de­signer. I also de­sign prints for T-shirts. Check them out at si­ika­

Who do you see as your con­tem­po­raries in mu­sic to­day?

I would rather say artists that in­spire me to­day. Rein is an up­com­ing EBM artist who kicks ass. ion­nalee shares the love of elec­tronic mu­sic. Fever Ray is sick and Aus­tra cre­ates haunt­ing sound­scapes. The list is end­less re­ally.

Talk us through your look and style choices.

I will al­ways be a tomboy. I like to chal­lenge the norms of what it means to be a woman. An­drog­yny has al­ways at­tracted me. If it’s not a bit edgy, it’s not me. I love the way we can morph through clothes and make-up.

Have you done any per­for­mances at any LGBT events or venues?

Ac­tu­ally, that was one of my big­gest per­for­mances after re­leas­ing the Be Your Own Phoenix EP. I per­formed at a party dur­ing West Pride with the rain­bow flag in my hand. Great mem­o­ries! I’ve al­ways had gay friends and I love them dearly for many rea­sons.

What are the is­sues that re­ally mat­ter to you? Freedom to be you. Freedom of ex­pres­sion. Equal­ity and freedom to love, re­gard­less.

What’s the one thing that might sur­prise peo­ple about you?

I knit… like an old lady. It’s my med­i­ta­tion. You should try it.

What’s your mes­sage to the gay boys of the world? Be proud to be hu­man. Be proud to be you. Be proud to be spe­cial, to love, laugh and ex­press your­self. Be hum­ble and learn from ev­ery­thing life throws at you. Fill your own shoes.

Be proud to be hu­man, to be you, to be spe­cial, to love, laugh and ex­press your­self… fill your own shoes.

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