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No, not West Hollywood (although we love that, too). The real Hollywood. You know, the in­dus­try that’s ob­sessed with mak­ing Australian ac­tors su­per-fa­mous?

If it weren’t for Hollywood, Australia’s finest would be stuck in a hold­ing pat­tern some­where be­tween Sum­mer Bay and Ram­say Street.

We’d never have been able to ap­pre­ci­ate the shirt­less, buff Chris Hemsworth. We’d never have known that Hugh Jack­man had 10 abs, not six. And we’d never have seen su­per babe Ryan Kwan­ten do full-frontal nu­dity and gay sex scenes in True Blood. (Trust us: Google it.)

And, se­ri­ously, who wants to live in a world like that?

Thor: Rag­narok. Chris in

Ryan in True Blood in Alex Skars­gard.

Hugh Jack­man in The Wolver­ine.

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