Be­hind ev­ery kween is her strong squad.

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You prob­a­bly met your mates in pretty ran­dom places: on the bus, lin­ing up for a 5SOS gig or when your teacher forced you to sit to­gether… but the fact you’re still friends, well, that’s no ac­ci­dent. Ev­ery group needs a mix of per­son­al­i­ties to make the dy­namic work. Just think: if ev­ery­one in your gang was ex­actly the same, you’d have the same taste in guys and that’s just plain awk­ward! If your squad has any of these types in any com­bi­na­tion, you’re onto a good thing…


You love teas­ing her when she squeals over any of the fol­low­ing: spi­der sight­ings, her hair get­ting splashed at the swim­ming car­ni­val and her squeaky-clean white Con­verse get­ting dirt on them. She’s a lit­tle bit pre­cious and tbh a lit­tle bit spoiled, but you love that she won’t stand for any­thing less than per­fect. She’ll send back that Macca’s cheese­burger if it doesn’t have a pickle on it. She’ll tell peo­ple off if they are dis­re­spect­ful to her or you. Be­cause she’s a kween, ya hear?!


There’s no sit­u­a­tion this friend can’t make bet­ter with her com­edy skills. The co­me­dian of the group is there to cheer peeps up when they are feel­ing down and make drama dis­ap­pear with a sassy one-liner – the laugh­ter she brings would be missed if she weren’t around! Some­times it’s hard for the group’s res­i­dent goof­ball to get se­ri­ous, which doesn’t help when you ac­tu­ally need some­one to lis­ten to you vent about that fight you had with your BF. That’s where the next friend comes in…


This pal is the one who calms down awks sit­u­a­tions, pro­vides the shoul­der for ev­ery­one to cry on, and has a pretty level head in times of cri­sis. It’s hard to be­lieve you guys are the same age be­cause she’s wise be­yond her years and al­ways has the best ad­vice. But it can be re­ally ex­haust­ing play­ing the role of the carer in the group and wor­ry­ing about ev­ery­one else as well as your­self, so make sure you’re al­ways there to lis­ten to her prob­lems, too.


She doesn’t know her Ezria from her Haleb and has no feels about 1D’s hia­tus… some­times it feels like this friend is on her own wave­length! She doesn’t fol­low the crowd, steers clear of drama and some of her hob­bies are a lit­tle off­beat – she’s an in­di­vid­ual. Find­ing your own path is some­times tough, but this girl has it nailed. She proves it’s our quirky parts that make us unique. #be­y­our­self


She may be quiet and book­ish or a loud know-it-all, but you’ve gotta love the brains of the op­er­a­tion. She’ll prob­a­bly cor­rect your gram­mar on a daily ba­sis but your group’s res­i­dent Hermione is brim­ming with knowl­edge about eeeeev­ery­thing, from that pesky maths ques­tion you can’t wrap your head around to the ac­tual rea­son boys are so an­noy­ing (they men­tally ma­ture later than girls, obvs!). How does all that info fit in her head? Don’t ques­tion it – this girl’s level of ge­nius can’t be ex­plained.


We’ve all got that one mate who seems to be able to con­vince us to do re­ally ran­dom and crazy stuff. One minute you’ll find her try­ing to pinch a life-sized Liam Hemsworth card­board cutout from the cin­ema, the next she’ll be at­tempt­ing to con­vince you those sil­ver se­quin pants would be a great in­vest­ment. Cringe! This gal can’t be tamed (just call her Mi­ley). But it’s cool to have a buddy who helps you get out of your com­fort zone oc­ca­sion­ally – it makes life ex­cit­ing!


There is most likely a mem­ber who doesn’t fit into any of these cat­e­gories be­cause she is your gang’s all-rounder! She’s funny but not the res­i­dent clown, she gives smart ad­vice, has a wild streak and more than once she’s been the shoul­der you’ve cried on. Hav­ing a lit­tle of each per­son­al­ity means she gets on with pretty much ev­ery­one – which means when there is any kind of drama, she’s usu­ally the voice of rea­son. Throw up your *praise hands* for this girl.

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