From Nick­elodeon star to pop pow­er­house, our kween is rul­ing the world. DOLLY’S Josie Rozen­berg-clarke chat­ted with Ari for all the goss about keep­ing the Ari­ana­tors happy and her brand-new al­bum Dan­ger­ous Woman.

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I’m just so ex­cited,” Ari­ana Grande says for, like, the mil­lionth time – and even though she’s at her home in LA and I’m all the way over here in Syd­ney, Ari’s ex­cite­ment about her third al­bum is con­ta­gious. It’s of­fi­cial: we have no chill. With Yours Truly and My Every­thing turn­ing us into Ari­ana­tors #for­lyf, it’s no won­der we’re all so pumped for her brand-new record Dan­ger­ous Woman, which drops on May 20. And, of course when I get Ari­ana on the phone, I bom­bard her with ques­tions about it like the good fan­girl I am. Luck­ily, she’s more than happy to share. “I co-wrote most of the songs on the al­bum – it’s very per­sonal,” Ari re­calls. “I worked on it for over a year. I was tour­ing for most of that time, so I did a lot of it while I was trav­el­ling around. My friend Vic­to­ria Monet, who I do a lot of writ­ing with, came and spent some time on the tour bus with me. We would sit on my bed and eat pop­corn and write to­gether about what I was go­ing through in life. It was a re­ally fun process.” Since My Every­thing came out in 2014, life has been pretty crazy for Ari­ana – she’s done a world tour, gone through a break-up with rap­per Big Sean, played the Vic­to­ria’s Se­cret Fash­ion Show (break­ing the in­ter­net with a mil­lion memes), and dipped her toe back into act­ing with a role on Scream Queens. “A lot hap­pened in the year and a half that I was writ­ing [ Dan­ger­ous Woman],” Ari­ana says. “I started putting mu­sic out when I was 17, and I’m 22 now – I’ve grown up quite a bit since then, even though it’s only been a short amount of time. I think five years is such a huge dif­fer­ence when you’re young. So this new al­bum rep­re­sents where I’m at now.” The first two songs we’ve heard from the record – “Dan­ger­ous Woman” and “Be Al­right” – are SO epic, and kind of a new sound for her. “I think my new al­bum kind of mar­ries the [sound of the] first al­bum and the se­cond al­bum,” Ari­ana hints. “My Every­thing wasn’t as soul­ful as Yours Truly was. I felt like my

first al­bum was very heav­ily R&B and my se­cond al­bum was very pop, so this third one is a nice blend of the two. It’s got a re­ally ur­ban feel­ing. I think my fans will be happy!” So, can she tell us what other stand-out tracks to lis­ten out for? “Oh man, that’s such a hard ques­tion!” Ari laughs. “I think I have to say all of them! It’s my al­bum and I wouldn’t have put any of them on there if they didn’t each mean some­thing to me.” Well, at least this means there are no duds! #al­lkiller­nofiller A new al­bum means new tour, right? With so many Ari­ana­tors call­ing Aus­tralia home, it more than likely means Ari­ana will be bring­ing this tour Down Un­der. “Of course!” Ari con­firms. “I don’t have all the de­tails yet, but I can’t wait to get back down there.” Be­cause, as Ari­ana is al­ways say­ing, her fans are pretty damn im­por­tant to her. “I love them so much – I talk to them ev­ery sin­gle day,” she tells DOLLY. “We in­ter­act in a re­ally in­ti­mate way. I re­ally do feel like they’re my friends.” Ugh, the feels. In be­tween record­ing the al­bum, Ari has also been killing the act­ing game with her role as Scream Queens’ Chanel #2 and an awe­some host­ing gig on the iconic sketch show Satur­day Night Live. “Oh man, that was the most fun ever. I al­ways say that if I could host SNL ev­ery week, I would,” Ari­ana gushes. Uh, SNL pro­ducer, can we please make this hap­pen? Ari’s celeb im­pres­sions are SO on point. “I have more I’m work­ing on… but I’ve gotta keep them quiet for now!” Does this mean we’re go­ing to see more act­ing from Ari­ana in the fu­ture? “My hands are pretty full with mu­sic at the mo­ment,” she says. “But I re­ally, re­ally love act­ing. It’s al­ways go­ing to be some­thing that’s near and dear to my heart. Down the line I will def­i­nitely con­tinue to do as much of it as I can.” YASSS. There’s also another rea­son we have so much love for this girl. She’s FIERCE and un­afraid to share her fem­i­nist views. Case in point: last year, when she tweeted this amaz­ing­ness af­ter (un­true) Niall Ho­ran dat­ing ru­mours emerged: “I…do not. Be­long. To Any­one. But my­self. And nei­ther do you. I can’t wait to live in a world where peo­ple are not val­ued by who they’re dat­ing/mar­ried to/at­tached to, hav­ing sex with (or not) /seen with… but by their value as an in­di­vid­ual.” It was a mo­ment that made the world stop see­ing Ari as a sweet lit­tle ex-nick star and start see­ing her as a strong woman. “I want to help ed­u­cate as many peo­ple as I can about things I’m pas­sion­ate about,” she says.


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