Head straight to the bath! This mys­tic mix is be­lieved to wash away the pain of a break-up (and it doesn’t smell half bad).

Dolly - - Dolly Destiny -

YOU’LL NEED: Fresh/dried white rose petals Rose es­sen­tial oil Rose quartz crys­tal

1. Fill the bath­tub with warm water and add the petals, crys­tal and a few drops of oil. 2. Hop in the tub and en­joy a long soak, feel­ing the heal­ing en­ergy wash right over you. 3. When you feel cleansed, drain the water and throw out the in­gre­di­ents, ex­cept for the rose quartz. 4. Carry the crys­tal with you at all times and sleep with it un­der your pil­low un­til no longer needed.

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